When you are looking for the perfect  herb grinder, there are some facts you must know before you made your decision. You need to choose a quality material like a good quality aluminum made grinder. You surely want the best quality with also the fact that it reduces the fear of spills and leak. Some of the herb grinders come with a metallic lid that helps you for this purpose. You also need to know the variety, so you can choose the one that matches all your requirements.

 Things to consider before buying a grinder

Use of the herb grinder is many and they work great for breaking the weeds. However, there’s quite a difference in features, so they do not have the same function, also not the performance are same. So, it can be quite difficult for a beginner to pick the right one that will meet the requirements. Here’re some facts to consider before buying  herb grinders:

There are different types of grinder based on the what they are made of, such as wood made herb grinder, aluminum herb grinder or acrylic grinders. If you are looking for something within a low budget, acrylic grinders can be useful, but they are not strong enough. Aluminum herb grinders are well-made and good for all kinds of use comparing to cool looking wooden herb grinder that is limited because of not being able to grind the herb evenly.

There are also different types of grinder based on the number of chambers they have. You can look for this feature according to your need. One chambered grinders are good, but the materials they grind not always same in size. Two chambered or three chambered grinders are best for this purpose. They have filtered option to ensure even sized grinding materials.

Now come those features that depend on your use. Think about what you want from your grinder. Do you want to collect Kief? How fine your powder should be? These results depend on the number of chambers and the quality of your grinding machine.

Product Reviews

Depending on all the features, we have selected our top ten best herb grinders based on our research, quality and customer’s satisfaction.

 10.Cali Crusher Herb Grinder 4 Piece Black

One of the wonderful grinders among others within this price. This Cali crusher Herb grinder is a small and compact one that means you can carry them even in your pockets. If you are looking for a grinder that is not bulky and you can carry them easily, then this will be a great pick. Well, you surely do not want to mix your herb with the metal painting of the grinder that is unhealthy and harmful. So, an anodized finish herb grinder is the best feature one should look for that prevents the paints from rubbing off even after months of use. Cali crusher is an anodized finish herb grinder. A magnetic lid is there to protect and storing your herbs as well, so it is always your decision to open up the lid. The Cali crusher magnetic lid also prevents the smell coming out. Upon tests, this grinder has proved itself as a tough grinder by grinding several tough seeds like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and others. So, you can easily imagine how useful it is going to be for your regular use.

 9.Platinum Grinders #1 Best Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

This is a good catch within this price with so many improved features. This platinum grinder comes with a high-grade anodized finish that prevents any kind of contamination by rubbing off the paints inside the grinder. This platinum grinder has a high-quality aluminum finishing that is noticeable in the outer shell that is known as teeth. A smooth fitting of all the four pieces and an exclusive screen filter. This filter is made of stainless steel and offers you even sized particles. You will only get the best powder coming from this filter screen. You also do not want a cheap lid to use for sealing the grinder at the time of grinding. This platinum grinder has a neodymium magnetic lid to seal the grinder strongly and it will open only if you specifically turn it on. This grinder is designed with sharp diamond cutting teeth for precise cut and each time you grind your herb in it, they come with best result. You also have enough space within the grinder as it is 2.5 inches in diameter, so you do not have to worry anymore for more grinding.

 8.Sharp Shredded Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher

This is a high-quality pollen catcher herb grinder is best for making anything grind so well. It comes with metal teeth that have enough power. It has a powerful grip that helps you grind herbs quickly and evenly. Sharp shredda is also famous for its magnetic closures that are designed to keep the herb intact inside and do not let the smell come out, so you really do not have to hear any comments from friends and family. They are totally incomparable to other grinders available in the market because of their shiny design.  Sharp Shredder with black with a smooth black design and silver engraving is a unique design among all the other herb grinder on the market. If you are kind of selective about the particles and want finely ground herbs, then Sharp Shredder is the best choice with its non-fraying mesh screen.

 7.Black Tie Grinder 2.5 Inch Herb Marijuana Grinder

If you are looking for a premium quality, best grinder, Black Tie grinder can be the best for you. Unlike other grinders, it has a unique design with anodized aluminum finishing that has made the grinder corrosion resistant. This Black tie grinder has 50 diamond shaped teeth that ensure precise cut with even sized particles. The filter is also there to make sure the finely ground powder is the only thing you get. The three chambered grinders are for those who are looking for accurate filtering. You also get a relief from spills or leak as there are neodymium magnets to keep the lid in the right place. You also get extra spaces for a large amount of grinding, so you do not have to worry all the time to refill it. Extra durable one that will do the perfect grinding work for you for a long time and you will be free from mixing contamination because of its anodized aluminum finish. A very good catch for its price!

 6.Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Rasta 4 Piece Grinder 

Santa Cruz Shredder comes with different sizes like small, medium and large one. However, you can choose according to your requirements, but medium size can be a good option if you are confused about what to buy. This medium sized Santa Cruz grinder has a four-piece and comes with a Cali crusher Pollen press. This one grinder is made for a long time use, so you are actually saving money than by changing your grinder again and again and investing in a wrong place. With Santa Cruz grinder, you do not have to worry about scratches or corrosion and nor about the contamination risk that comes with cheap grinders because of using paints. They are designed with an anodized coating to protect the grinder inside and keep it safe from scratches and wear. Now, it is easy for you to twist the grinder with a drip knurled grip pattern. With this price, you are getting a Cali crusher press that is extremely useful for your regular use.

 5.Afternoon Delight 5 Piece Herb Grinder with Removable Pollen

Most of the people looking for a smooth grinder, but because of price, good deals are out of your list. Afternoon delight herb grinder is a perfect catch for those. They ensure smooth grinding with a long time durable grinder and about 30 razors shaped diamond cut teeth to ensure a precise cut. You must be tired of making a mess with your grinder. However, with this grinder, things become easy for everybody like you. They have removable sieves to make it easy for you to open the parts. So, no need to worry about clogging up. Although, there are magnetic lids available in a lot of grinders, this one is proved by the customer reviews. So, it is a relief from this spill tension. Another wonderful thing about this grinder is its design that is made of airplane grade metals. So, you are getting a cool looking herb grinder with the toughest metal.

 4.Phoenician Herbal Grinder

The first thing that will impress you about this Phoenician herbal grinder is its beautiful design. This is made to be perfect for multiple grip options and style. It is designed with exterior lobes that make it look sophisticated and exclusive from others. One of the most amazing and different features of this grinder is a built-in ashtray and holder in the lid, so to make it so easy for you to use. Isn’t that amazing to have two things in the price of one that saves you money and space as well? They have a different id for each grinder and comes with the offer of replacing the screen. You can also call it a modern grinder for having a modern lock system to ensure prevention of spills and leak than any other grinders in the market. A very nice looking herbal grinder with strong structure!

 3.Zip Grinders – Large Spice Tobacco Herb Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher

Here comes the big one with double holding capacity than any other grinders in the market—the Zip GRrinders. It can store about six tablespoons of herb. To ensure smooth grinding and evenly ground particles, each and every time, it has 49 diamond shaped teeth to take a good care of your herb and crush them into a fine powder. It also offers you a great service if you are a serious smoker and love to roll or smoke with this grinder with its pollen scraper tool and box. The screen size is 100 microns to ensure filtering perfectly. This is also unique with its transparent design and acrylic windows. You can now see the picture inside of your grinder. You will be able to decide how fine particles you need for the better smoke of grinding. Do you need a grinder to carry it with you or for any other place? With Zipping grinders, it becomes so easy to just remove the center that is transparent and pack it in your pocket like three different chambers. Pollen catcher that comes with this grinder is also useful for regular users.

 2.Laser Engraved Spice & Herb Grinder

Looking for a unique and efficient design that will work for you a long time? You can stop your search here and grab this one with a very reasonable price. With unique and improved features like spill proof top, it has become one of the most popular lasers engraved spice and herb grinder. Most of the people look for a grinder that has enough space and at the same time if you use it for storing, the grinder should also keep them fresh. Nobody likes to get a comment on the smell from friends and family. Actually, you don’t have to. There is a storing compartment available once you are done with grinding and the spill proof top will maintain the quality as well. The mesh screen that is made to filter perfectly is made of stainless steel. Also, this will be wonderful as a gift because of its cool look and beautiful patterns.

 1.Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

This is one of the most useful grinders with such an affordable price. This is made of durable and strong materials to keep it useful for a long time. Because of their design, long lasting service and price, they have been popular for a long time for regular users. They also have space inside for grinding a lot of herbs or spices. Like other expensive grinders, they also come with aluminum alloy construction to ensure durability and smooth use. They come with three chambers with a pollen screen that is so useful for filtering particles from your herbs. For making this grinding process fast and smooth, they have a grinding ring that turns the whole process very easy for everyone. With such fine quality grind and without any chunky pieces,  this is surely the best for this price among all the others available in the market. A perfect catch with a low budget!