There was a time when people keep clocks in their house only to tell time. However, with time, there has been a major change in our outlook and wall clocks are not only a piece to look when it rings its bell. It has been an important piece of home decoration that helps to express the taste of people. It is the time when you say goodbye to your favorite grandfather clock because of lack of space and it is time to welcome your new modern wall clock that does not need extra space, but at the same time, increases the beauty of the whole interior of a house. Buying a wall clock is really a tough thing if you do not have a little idea about interior design and how to match the whole theme of your house. So many things like colors, design and size matter so much in a home that a mismatched wall clock can ruin all your effort of making your home beautiful and different.

Product Reviews:

 10.Grazing Wooden Decorative Round Wall Clock

A beautiful wooden design wall clock that is best known for its stylish look and an effect it creates in different places. It is made of wood  and for securing the hands from transportation problems, they will be packed separately, but that is really not a problem as you do not need to worry about the installation. You just set it according to manual and the clock is ready to run. A shabby beach design with a complete vintage looks enough to add a different effect in your living room, bedroom or in the office. This is designed for a quartz movement and there is no extra covering of glass or plastic, so it is recommended to keep it more in your indoor environment for best and long time use. A very nice and cute clock actually with a reasonable price. You can also gift it to a wedding or birthday parties or in any other special occasion.

 9.Design Toscano Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

A clock is much more than a time telling machine. It helps to express your taste and enhance the beauty of a house. It can actually change the whole them of a house. This one clock from design Toscano gears of time is just that one piece. What a beautiful sculpture that is desired by almost everybody! If you have a home that is designed based on old world theme  and you want to add more to this effect, you have no better option than this. This comes with quartz movement that has a quality and designer resin is cast in here to make it look so sophisticated. To make us remember our old days of industrial time, they are all individually painted by hands for the best effect. With a beautiful finish, it is all you wanted as a wall clock or should we say as a wall décor. Not to forget, it has two black lines for clock and time is indicated by roman letters that make it more powerful for your interior.

 8.AcuRite Patina  Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

In a simple word, useful and great catch for this price. It is recommended if you are looking for a simple, yet sophisticated look for a perfect outdoor. This clock comes with a thermometer and Hygrometer to read the temperature and humidity respectively. This clock is designed for reading the time easily as you do not need to come closure for reading time. For those who are suffering from a weakness in vision can also read the time easily. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tropical country or anywhere else, this Acurite wall clock is weather resistant and covered with a strong safety glass for protection. A nice, polished and round shaped wall clock for such a great price is really a pretty good catch.

 7.Kit-Cat BC01 Classic Black Clock

The first thing that comes to you after watching this beautiful Kit-cat clock is a smile. Such a nice design of a Kit-cat with a tail that has been used as a pendulum and it actually waves by the time. It also comes with revolving eyes that move with a matching pendulum sequence. It will amaze anyone or a guest in your house with a moving Kit-cat clock. This is the best clock for your children. Keep it in their room and they will be happy to find a new friend. A whole metal black shining body to make it look more realistic and white letters written in Arabic. The clock shows time in bold letters, so it becomes really easy for all to read the time. It looks better on a chunky environment if you want something beyond traditional. This will give a whole house a joyous look when it wags its tail and moves its eyes after a certain interval of time. This Kit-cat clock needs  2 C batteries to operate it. It can be an amazing gift idea for friends, children, and other casual occasion.

 6.Teika Modern Frameless Large 3D DIY Wall Clock

Common wall clocks are everywhere with all the features. What about doing something creative with your wall by a new concept of the clock? Thanks to Teika frameless large 3D clock that makes this possible for us. If you are a creative person and looking for some new interior concept, this clock is the best option in front you. The best thing you get from it is a unique design and a stylistic touch and of course, it tells time. No matter how and where it is, this clock can be a great fit for every environment. You can fit it on your bedroom wall, in your living room or in your office room as well to get a modern and a whole different look. You must be thinking it can be too hard to place it in the right place. Actually, it is just too easy as every parts come with adhesive sticker and you just need to place the parts on your wall. Installation is even clear and easy with their manual.  You also do not need to be worried about the sticky part as the adhesiveness is quite strong. It is made steam-resistant, so now this beautiful wall clock can get a place in your kitchen as well.

 5.HITO Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock- Metal Frame Glass Cover

We all know that clocks are made for clicking, but what if you do not like the sound of continuous clicking like many other office people while they are in a serious meeting or in a serious conversation? Thanks to Hito silent, non-ticking wall clock that they still have this option for you. A very nice, polished, sleek round shape, perfect for any formal environment and just can fit your living room as well. This clock is covered with glass to secure a nice and safe view. It also has two temperature and humidity reading meter to give you a weather forecast with time. You can also give it as a gift to your friends in their wedding. A very nice and simple and silent clock with a great service and durability.

 4.Clear Clock Extra Large Digital Memory Loss Day Clock

The prime function of a clock is to tell time and this clear clock is made to fulfill this function so well. You need no further effort to read the time as it is written clearly. This is not just a clock, but a calendar as well that tells the day, week  and month clearly once you set it. This clock is useful for those who cannot memorize the time and have problems reading the time from other available clocks. This wall clock is also a gift for those who are suffering from eye problem or vision weakness. It actually comes with a brain, we mean, an improved feature of dimming the brightness when it is 7:00 PM to save electricity. The design is simple but beautiful to be adjusted for different environments. You can keep it in your children’s room so they can easily track the time for reading, completing homework and also keep one in the room of your eldest member at  home. You know what’s the best feature among all? They offer you time in eight languages, so it is really cool if you want to maintain a homely environment with this clock. A nice gift clock as well!

 3.MARATHON CL030052GG Atomic Digital Wall Clock

A nice clock for every kind of measurement you need in a day. First of all, you need a clock to measure time easily and thanks to the Marathon  digital wall clock, they made it so easy for you to read the time in bold letters. Not only the time, they offer you to keep a regular measurement of temperature, day-week-month, and humidity as well. You can measure temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and humidity of a day. You can choose from any of the seven  languages to adjust your clock. Because of its easy readability and improved features, it is very popular among the people working in offices, among students and teachers to maintain their schedule. In case, you or any of your family members have weakness in their vision, they can also use this clock. In fact, this will be the best gift for them. A nicely designed wide angle digital wall clock, ready to fit in every environment and with a metal polish, you get a sophisticated look on your wall.

 2.La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock

How cool it is to keep an update of weather forecast with your wall clock! Nowadays, clocks are not only limited to tell time but also have other functions that are included to make it easy for everyone. This La Crosse atomic clock is just the right one for you if you are looking for something like that. This is actually more than that. It can be set according to current time and date automatically once you set it by following the manual. The clock has an auto transmission receiver feature for it. It also has a sensor to read the temperature outdoors.  You can measure temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Moreover, the icon of the weather forecast is an important and interesting part of it. It has three icons of weather icon. To understand it well, this company has made all the improved feature possible in just one clock. You must be depressed with your clock as it suddenly becomes off and you have no idea of time or something else. This clock will not let you face it. It has an indicator system for a low battery to let you know that it is time to change them. Things are so easy with just one amazing clock!

 1.La Crosse Technology Atomic Outdoor Clock

La Crosse technology is offering people with a lot of excellent clocks and this one is no exception. What would be your reaction if you know that you are buying a protector for our house rather than just a mere clock? Yes, it is absolutely true about this clock. Not only it gives you a perfect radio controlled auto updated time, but also it has a thermometer and hygrometer to express the temperature and humidity at a time. Most of you are thinking what would you do with all these features? Well, by assessing the temperature and humidity, you are actually learning when to water your plants and when you should not. This clock has two more analog gauge inside your time clock for telling temperature and humidity. It has an automatic update system with daylight saving time. This clock is sealed by a plastic frame with a polish of sliver that makes it weather resistant. Follow the easily understandable manual to make the best use of this clock.

 Common Sense For Wall Clock You Should Know

You can categorize the wall clocks into three groups. They are:

  •     Traditional pendulum clock
  •     Quartz clocks and
  •     Digital clocks

Traditional Pendulum Clocks:

  •     Clocks where a pendulum is used to indicate time
  •     This pendulum clock does not have batteries.
  •     These clocks are generally known as grandfather clocks as it is a family tradition to pass on these clocks.
  •     You can set the winding period manually according to week, months or days.
  •     They need space and they are quite expensive.
  •     They are used to enhance the beauty of a home by their classy and sophisticated design.

Quartz Clocks:

  •     They need a very little to no maintenance comparing others.
  •     You can choose your own design from a variety of collections.
  •     They need batteries to run.
  •     So, you can replace the batteries for a minimum cost
  •     They are easily adjustable with all environments.

Digital clocks:

  •     They need electricity supply or batteries to run.
  •     They occupy less space and you can hang them in the room of your children.
  •     Among the other clocks available in the market, they are the best for their function and  price.
  •     They come with different features like LED and you can also purchase one with calendar and temperature.
  • Here are top ten wall clocks that we have selected based on our research, quality and customer satisfaction.