If you agree that there is no better feeling than sinking in your soft bathrobe after your warm shower, then these Top 10 bathrobes should be on your Must-Buy list. Bathrobes are wardrobe essentials now days and are generally used for many routine works. From an expecting mother to a very special spa day, bathrobes accompany you when you just want to relax in comfort. These ten assorted bathrobes are carefully picked just for you. Made from the best soft fabric and uniquely designed, these bathrobes are just the perfect choice for every woman. All of these bathrobes are highly recommended and have received extraordinary ratings from a massive list of buyers.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Bathrobe

Although it seems to b quite an easy affair to buy a bathrobe but there are a few facts that you must understand before you buy a robe a ignoring them might soil your experience a little bit. These simple tips will help you to select the best bathrobe for you.

  • If you are buying online, remember that there will be very minor differences between the displayed image and the product delivered since the image can look different due to lighting and editing. However, if the delivered product is vastly different, contact the website from where you have ordered. To be safe, always order from a reputed website.
  • There are many different kinds of cotton available in the market. If you are confused between Egyptian or Turkish cotton, know that Egyptian cotton will be very soft to touch when brand new but will be lacking in luster whereas Turkish cotton will be having a natural shine and will be ultra soft after a few washes.
  • Choosing the fabric according to your climate is very important. Some bathrobes could be too hot for warm and humid climate. For colder places Turkish cotton is a good option and for warmer regions go for waffle-knit or similar fabric.
  • Keep an eye for the robe’s length. Men’s’ robes generally fall somewhere around the mid-calf but bur for women the length can vary from mid thigh to ankle length. Hence choose the size best for you.

Product Reviews:

Check out the reviews of these handpicked woman bathrobes and choose the one that is tailor made for you:

10.Seven Apparel Herringbone Quality Luxury Bathrobe

Plush white robe with a super soft texture and is one of the best bathrobes available. It has received an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 498 reviews. This comfortable bathrobe is created from especially excellently brushed microfiber yarns with a commendable herringbone rippled quality to create a unique and chic look. Recommended by many, this Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Herringbone Textured Plush Robe, Optic White bathrobe is exactly what you are looking for. It is of knee length with a big front pocket and also comes in various different colors to suit your specifications. It also comes in various sizes. This can be washed in the machine but avoid any kind of staining products such as bleaching agents to avoid any form of damage to your bathrobe. Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Bathrobe is perfect for your relaxing spa day or just a book reading session by your fireplace.

9.Turkish Cotton Bathrobe with Kimono styled Collar Robe

Made from 100% Turkish cotton, this fashionable bathrobe is beyond comparison and can be utilized by both men and women alike. Soaring the charts with over 1100 reviews, this bathrobe is rated 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon. Amazingly soft, this kimono style bathrobe is tailor made for comfort. Made in Turkey, TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe Kimono Collar Terry Bathrobe is available in 5 different sizes and in multiple various colors to match your style factor. It is also made up of superior quality absorbent material which makes it perfect for your after shower comfort. TowelSelections is a renowned company for quality product deliverance and this bathrobe is beyond perfect. Although this is perfectly machine washable, keep it away from your regular skin care products or any kind of softners as they may soil your favorite bathrobe. It may result in reduced absorbency or even stained textile. It also does not shrink after wash like other cotton items. The best part is if you ever come across any loop that is somehow pulled in your bathrobe, just trim away the loop part and it will not at all affect your bathrobe like other hyped bathrobes.

8.Eggplant colored Women’s Robe from Jockey

This absolutely comfy and stylish eggplant colored bathrobe is an after shower essential. Presenting the ultimate bathrobe from Jockey, this knee length Jockey product is made of 100% pure cotton for that light and sweat-free comfort. It has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon after more than 400 reviews by happy satisfied customers. Sleek, stylish and comfortable, Jockey is renowned for its quality products and this bathrobe is no stranger to it. One of the best and definitely a must buy. Also available in various other sizes choose your perfect apparel for that comfort feel. This bathrobe snugly fits your body and can also be perfectly washed in machine. As it is made of pure cotton, keep it away from chemically composed softners as it may destroy the fabric resulting in dull coloration. This unique eggplant color makes it an absolute favorite within its customers.

7.Women’s Bathrobe from Jockey

Another awesome quality bathrobe from Jockey may soon become your most favorite. 100% cotton made, this bathrobe is suitable for anyone who wants quality and comfort packed together. Jockey’s Women Robe comes in 4 different colors namely, Taupe, Heather Charcoal, and Navy. The length is 38 inches. This three quartered sleeved bathrobe comes with a self-tie and side pockets for that chic after-bath look. Ultimately stylish and uniquely designed that gives a customized fit for anyone and everyone. It has also received a remarkable rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 491 buyers. It is also available in various sizes. Al the 3 other colors are equally unmatched in quality and style and customers have guaranteed to receive that they have imagined about this product. As for precaution, keep it away from coloring agents as the composition affects cotton made materials in particular. A perfect bathrobe for any day and for any body type for that homely and relaxing day.

6.Kimono style Collar Bathrobe

Bringing you another made in Turkey Bathrobe from TowelSelections. This exquisite bathrobe is made of 100% Turkish cotton. Belonging to the lilac collection, it also comes with a wide choice of color variants, namely White, Ice Blue, Ice Pink, Blue Iris and Sandshell. This bathrobe is machine washable and is also available in various sizes. Due to its high absorbent material, this makes it comparatively softer and stands out as a perfect choice as an after shower wardrobe. With 496 buyers rating it 4.2 out of 5, this kimono style bathrobe has two pockets as well. The kimono style collared bathrobe is exquisitely fashionable and immensely comfortable. Best if machine washed and in warm water. Since it is made up of 100% pure Turkish cotton, do not worry about any reduction in size after washing. Although keep away from chemically harsh elements as they strip away the absorbing power as well the softness of the fabric. Slash away any pulled looped string from your bathrobe without the worry of soiling it.

5.Luxuriously Soft Microfiber textures Women Bathrobe

This elegant bathrobe is actually a long-haired microfleece product from Alexander Del Rossa is an ideal bathrobe for everyday use.

This bathrobe comes in 9 different colors and in various sizes for a customized fit. Extremely soft and 100% plush, it is made of microfiber material that has a capacity to highly insulate your body. Due to its superior quality, this bathrobe is light weight and keeps you warm and comfy. This also comes with a wrap around waist tie along with double looped belt for tailor-made fit. This also has two big pockets at the front and has a great water absorbency rate. Additionally, no chemically induced die has been used while creating this bathrobe and that makes it an absolute much loved. Alexander Del Rossa is an extraordinarily vibrant brand for that elegant and classy look along with a comfortable fit. You can also wash it on a routine basis without any worry of shrinking your bathrobe. Even though it is made up of quite strong fabric, avoid using harsh chemically composited fabric washers as it may make your bathrobe look dull and lifeless.

4.Women Bathrobe in Shawl styled Collar in Terry Robe

This is a unique product from TowelSelections that comes in a variety of 10 colors. A beautiful offering from towel selection that is created from turkey grown 100% cotton. It is also available in 4 different sizes. This belongs to the Jasmine Collection and is an extravagance shawl with collar bathrobe. This is washable in the machine but best if washed in warm water. Try to keep it away from any kind of skin care products as they might tarnish your bathrobe. Also keep away from bleaching agents and chemical softners available in the market and dryer sheets. The science is that bleach breaks cotton fibers and hence it might soil your bathrobe. Additionally, softners reduce absorbency; therefore it will reduce the absorbency in your bathrobe too. But the good part is unlike other cotton products; if you find a loop in the bathrobe you can easily cut that and it won’t even damage your bathrobe. This makes it the best choice.

3.Lavishly Soft and Warm in Fleece Women Bathrobe

Richie is a brilliant brand for bathrobes and this unique product is the best one. This unique product also comes in 13 various colors for everyone. Available in 4 different sizes, this product is extraordinarily rated 4.8 out of 5 by 472 happy consumers. The textile is 100% polyester fleece material. Featured in Casual Moments, the belt wraps around your waist of this soft collared shawl bathrobe that makes it a perfect fit. The stitching is extremely good and the fabric is delightful. It also removes your worry for shrinking since most cotton fabrics sink, but this ultimate bathrobe will feel new every single day. But do keep it away from bleaching agents as the strong chemical composition destroys cotton and reduces its capacity to soak water to a large extent. Soft, warm and snugly fit bathrobe, this is a real comfort to wear. Super absorbent material makes it the best companion on your best spa days or cozy evenings.

2.Satin Women Charmeuse Bathrobes

Up2date Fashion brings you the ultimate collection of unique bathrobes that will be perfect for your every comfy occasion. Almost 600 customers have voted for this product and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This elegant bathrobe is available in 5 different sizes. Along with this beautiful pink shade, it also comes in 10 more different colors. Up2date Fashion Women’s Satin Charmeuse Robes, Style#Gwn-11 is made up of classic poly satin fabric makes it ultra comfortable and perfectly fit. Up2 date fashion is a well-known brand and this bathrobe is its ultimate offering. It has one side pocket for your essentials and it comes with shawl collar for that lady-like look. For a comfortable fit, it consists of an adjustable as well as a removable belt as well as with an inner string at the waist to suit any body type. It can be machine washed on a regular basis without any issue of shrinkage. To make it even more stylish, it has a cuff of 2 inches and hem of one inch.

1.Short with Peacock Designed Women Kimono style bathrobe

VEAMI is the most elegant apparel brand that comes with most luxurious and fabulous range of fabrics. VEAMI Women’s Kimono Robe in this beautiful peacock design is one of the most stylish and eloquent on this entire list. An impressive number of 647 buyers have given it a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Amazon. This piece of bathrobe comes in three different sizes. Not only in this royal Galaxy Blue shade, VEAMI bathrobe is also available in 12 more color ranges excluding this. Made from superior quality polyester fabric, this is a body hugging bathrobe to highlight the natural curves of your body. Extremely smooth and classy, this bathrobe is kimono styled with a seamed pocket to provide every comfort possible. This is perfectly washable in the machine and best if tumbled dried low. The color ranges that it offers s very distinguishable and most of the customers have received what they have expected out of this bathrobe. This is the one of the best to make your own.

All of these Best 10 Bathrobes are specially selected for being of the finest quality, long durability, and unrivaled style quotient. These bathrobes are perfect for every complexion, figure type and are absolutely worth buying. The brands included are well known and renowned brands in bathrobes are acclaimed by a huge number of happy customers. Well rated and reviewed, these easily make for the top best.

Bathrobes are after all every woman’s best friend as nothing can be more comfortable and soft than a uniquely crafted superior quality bathrobe for a warm day or a cozy evening.