What are you looking to buy for this hot summer? Yes, bikinis and swimsuits will be the most preferred ones to go out and enjoy in the beach water with your friends and family. Whenever you start shopping for a swimsuit you will tend to get more frustrated as you may get confused which would suit you the best according to your body type. So we have decided to put an end to all your confusions by bringing out the most desired swimsuits of 2016 listed here. Keep an eye at these awesome designs and patterns that are very popular and are trend setting for this year.

 Things to know before purchasing your Swimsuit

  • Two-pieces demonstrate a great deal of skin, so be sure that you aren’t set up to flaunt your advantages, you may wind up feeling amazingly hesitant. You need your day by the pool to be fun, not hopeless.
  • Make sure that you choose the correct size that fits your body comfortably.
  • The sort of suit you need relies on your body shape, and also upon what kind of swimming or beach sports activities you have planned to do.
  • Make that the fabric is sufficiently thick and isn’t transparent.
  • Fabrics and hues are likewise imperative contemplations.
  • Wearing a swimsuit you need to feel great not tormented. It may be an agony in the butt yet ensure you attempt on your swimming outfit before you purchase it.
  • Discover what shapes, sizes and styles you believe are most complimenting for your figure.
  • The top may fit, yet the bottoms may not. A few people require a bigger swimming outfit top and shorter bottoms or the other way around. Purchasing your pieces independently will guarantee the most agreeable fit.
  • To be precise, the swimming outfit is about your taste and your usual range of familiarity, no one else’s. Try not to feel committed to wearing a swimming outfit. Tankinis and one-pieces that are monokinis, are truly incredible choices and come in pretty much the same number of various styles.

Product Reviews

10.UNOW Pro Training Racerback One Piece Swimsuit

This is a basic women swimsuit, plain in color, without any design and is best suited to use when swimming in the swimming pool, lap or open water. This swimsuit is very cost-effective. The materials used in this swimsuit are 82% of Polyamide and 18% of Elastane. This swimsuit is not only meant for swimming, but also for other things like exercise workouts, water sports, aerobics, gymnastics, and so on. This swimsuit is made using professional technological methods like high elastic fabric, and it gives your body a hugging fit. This also provides a great shape to your body, with slimming effect, and a soft comfort to the skin. It has ‘Y’ type racer back, which provides a stable fit. It has a moderate cut leg and reduced water resistance. This swimsuit is highly durable and also chlorine resistant, dries quickly. It is made in thin and soft pads for coverage and you will feel very comfortable. It has various range of sizes from 2XS to XXL and can be worn by anybody be it a small girl, a teenager, an young lady as well as a big lady, almost any age group woman will look just perfect in this swimsuit. To maintain it properly and also to use it for really a long time it is better to rinse with clean water after every use.

9.HDE 50s Retro Vintage High Waist Swimsuit Set

Try out a new classic look next time when you go to the beach. This retro inspired swimsuit is what you have to choose for that. The retro style Bikini is different from the regular two-piece bikini set. This best suit for the ladies who wants to wear a swimsuit yet wanted to look modest. This retro style swimsuit set is made of a material known as Acrylic. This classic retro based swimsuit is a high-waist bikini with minimal designs. The swimsuit package includes a top that may be of any design like polka dots or zebra lines and a bottom which gives a high raise in the waist. Lightly padded top is provided to add some more comfort and appeal. It can be used for swimming in outdoor or in any falls and also can be regularly used in the swimming pool. This is designed based on the geometric pattern type. Young Women and teenagers will love to wear this type. The swimsuit comes in varied sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. Even plus sizes are also available. You are given with a huge variety of bright colors n from which you can choose the one that suits perfectly to you.

8.LookbookStore Halter Straps Crochet Lace Swimsuits

The super gorgeous Crochet Lace Halter Straps Swimsuits produced by LookbookStore is one of a kind that you will instantly fall in love with. It looks very charming and is easy to wear. You can get a bohochic look at the beach, when you wear a lot of silver rings and fancy banglescomplimenting to this awesome-neck swimsuit. This splendid swimsuit is a one-piece type and it comes with light padding to give additional solace, a neckline, and removable halter strapsto not hurt your skin and also to give a pretty crossback look. It is durable and you can wear it for any type of occasion, as a summer swimsuit, a beach wear, or even for a vacation/trip. This swimsuit is recommended to use when swimming in the pool or even outside in the beach or waterfalls. This gives you a gorgeous look by applying a slimming effect on the user. A breathable crotchet lacing is given with this swimsuit to reduce the abdominal pressure and to keep your tummy cool.The Crochet bodice has some floral designs with beautiful cutout, and comfortable bottoms. This sweetheart Swimsuits is available in different colors such as black, blue, beige, green, purple, and plum. It is suggested to buy one size down if you are a normal sized lady. To maintain properly hand wash with cold water and machine wash is not advisable.

7.V28 Padded Fringed One Piece Swimwear Monokini

The V28 Padded One Piece Fringed Swimsuit is a very pretty one and it makes the person who wears this swimsuit to feel good and look stunning. This Fashionable one-piece monokinis is quite easy to wear. To be safer it is tightened with strings that are given at the back. It is made out of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane materials; therefore, the swimsuit can stretch and properly fit with your body. An interesting feature of this swimsuit is its fringe trim to the chest. It gives a bikini-like feel from the back as the back will be completely exposed and the flattering cutouts at the sides display your shape very well and adds more grace. This one piece swim suit comes with a halter neck. This dress comes in varied sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large. You can pick a color of your choice as there are a wide range of colors available for this fantastic one piece swimsuit. This costume will be extremely sexy and you can have each and everyone at the beach to awe at you. It has some strap designs in the front that will fall down to cover your chest area. This suits the best to teenage girls and young women.

6.Cocoship Vintage 50s Retro One Piece Monokinis

The uniqueness of Cocoship dresses is that it comes with a registered trademark. There are different sizes (US sizes) available such as S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. It is advisable to check the size chart before ordering your swimwear. These are available in wide range of colors such as black, blue green, brown, red, and much more. Also color differences are allowed to get some better light effects in your outfit. It is highly durable and better to do hand wash or flat dry for good maintenance. This swimsuit package comprises only this high quality retro vintage one piece swimsuit with a halter Neck. No other accessories are included with this swimsuit package. It is front lined in power mesh and the side comes in gathering which shows your body shape. The very famous pattern adapted for this swimsuit is the beautiful polka dots pattern that shows you really very elegant and younger. This swimsuit best suits for teenagers, and young ladies as it portrays them sexy. You can wear this monokini for a trip to a cool beach destination, water falls or an island, rather than just using it to swim in the pool.

5.Cocoship 50s Retro Pin Up Swimsuit

It is a very flattering swimsuit and will be very comfortable when used for swimming. Check the size guide before ordering one for you. The sizes that are available for this stunning Cocoship chic unfashionable antique one piece swimming gear monokinis are M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL (all based on US sizing standard). COCOSHIP swimsuits are one of the best kinds and it all comes with a registered trademark. The Cocoship 50s Chic Unfashionable Antique Print One Piece Swim suit package comprises of only a one-piece swimsuit with an adjustable halter neck. It does not include any other accessories with this set. This swimsuit is available in a huge variety of colors like black, blue, green, brown, red, plum and much more and it comes in a plain design pattern with a curvy cutout on the sides that highlights your shape and shows you very sexy amongst others out there. This swimsuit allows color variations for milder results. Don’t just stop wearing this monokini for swimming at the pool, you will look like a hot chic when going to the beach for playing or to take a sun bath and also can be used when going to an island holiday, surfing, water sport, deep sea diving sport and what not!

4.Cocoship Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit

Are you very bored wearing a bikini or a monokini? Want to try something a little different? Chill! Here comes a fresh and trendy swimsuit type which is known as Skirtini. This gives you the Oh! Wow! Look. This is a single piece swimdress and has attractive design at the top portion followed by a flowy but short and a plain skirt at the bottom. Original cocoship swimsuits come with a registered trademark. There are different sizes available for this swimsuit and it fits up to C, D, and DD cup sizes. It comes in US sizes16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26. The cocoship plus size halter skirted classic one-piece retro solids swimdress consists of a halter tie and a molded soft-cup bra that provides support and good shape. The adjustable drawstrings at the hip give you a fantastic look. This swimsuit package consists of only this one-piece wear and does not include any other accessories.

It comes in a variety of colors and design patterns. It also allows color differences for light effects. To maintain it properly, do hand Wash or Flat Dry. One interesting feature is that the skirt is of adjustable type. The pretty V neckline on top will make you look very beautiful in this gorgeous swimsuit.

3.MiYang Tankini Striped Womens Vintage Swim Dress

MiYang Women’s Vintage Swim dress is the best choice for beach life. The swimsuit package comprises of two Pieces –a top and a Skirt. This Super sexy Swimsuit consists of removable and replaceable cup pads. The big bust can either move the pads or change to smaller pads. The dress is made of 100% Spandex material. This swimsuit reflects a good workmanship of the designer, well-designed and also made in first quality fabric. To do a good maintenance, wash this cute swimwear in cold water, using a mild soap lay and hang it to dry. The company that produces this pretty swimsuit also offers a free return policy. It comes in few color from which you could choose the perfect one the suits your skin color, such as black, blue and pink. This swimsuit is also available in different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. Owing to its prettiness, do not just stop by using this swimsuit for swimming and beach life, you can also wear it for water sports, surfing, cheer dancing, Zumba dancing, name it any that you like to do. The MiYang Women’s Tankini striped swimsuit provides you with a good comfort and also adds a slimming effect to your body through tummy control.

2.Angerella High Waisted Vintage Ruched Swimsuit Bikini

Angerella Women Vintage High Waisted Swimsuits is a gorgeous bikini swimwear that consists of two pieces in it. This swimsuit has a lot of varieties in color, like black, blue, pink, green, yellow, navy blue, brown, and much more. The different design patterns that are available are plain, polka dots, and floral prints. The swimsuit also allows few color differences to attain light effects. This cute bathing suit package for women consists of Two Piece Bikini Set, a top and a bottom and extra accessories are not included. This swimsuit is made of a material, nylon/spandex of imported quality. This high waisted swimsuit will be perfect for any casual outing, beach sports, and also for swimming in the pool or a lake. They are available in different sizes: S, M, L, XL (Standard US sizes). This is highly durable and it is advisable to do hand wash and not to put in washing machine. Whenever you wear this bikini swimsuit it showcases the shape of your body and portrays you as a sexy queen. This bikini swimsuit will just be perfect for women of any age as it offers different patterns and sizes, like small school going girls, teenagers, young ladies, and even those women who are in their mid-thirties.

1.Cocoship Retro Halter Neck High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

This is a phenomenally designed masterpiece of bikini swimwear that consists of two pieces in it. The unique feature of this swimsuit is that is been designed based on floral patterns and beautiful color combinations. The swimsuit is made of different color combinations, like black-red, blue-pink, green-orange etc. The swimsuit also allows some color differences to get milder effects. This stunning swim suit package for women consists of two Piece Bikini Set, a top and a bottom with same floral prints. No other accessories are included. This swimsuit is made of a material, nylon or spandex. They are readily available in different sizes – S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL (Standard US sizes). This bikini swimsuit will just be perfect for women of any age. When you wear this Retro Classic 50s floral bikini swimsuit it will show you both elegant and sexy. This high waist swimsuit will just be cool when you wear it on for any outing, beach sports, dancing gymnastics and swimming. It is advisable to do hand wash with cold water and line dry for a proper maintenance of the apparel.