From ancient times we have been accompanied by many animals, birds and plants. But mosquitoes and various other pests have continued to trouble us and have been major causes for some serious health concerns. Everyone nowadays wants to protect their family and loved ones from these creatures but doesn’t want to use mosquito repellers like coils or bug spray as they contain harmful chemicals and might hurt our heal in the long run. Here is where electronic repellers come to our aid as they use the most common form of energy i.e. electricity and can be charged anytime and anywhere and keep the pests away. Let us see what these marvellous gadgets have in offer for us.

Things to Know before Buying

As with any electronic purchase one has to know about the various things one ought to know about the device they are buying so they can efficiently use it and put it to the best use.

  • It should have rechargeable batteries- Electronic repellants without rechargeable batteries are a waste of money and you need to double check the device you are buying to make sure that it has rechargeable batteries which can be charged anywhere anytime.
  • Ultraviolet light emitting devices shouldn’t be used indoors- If you are planning to buy a ultraviolet light emitting repellent please check that it is being used in a place which is not used for sleeping or for taking rest as this light can have side effects on your body or disturb your sleep cycle.
  • Use a scatter-proof device to keep the dead insects inside the device- Insects like bugs and mosquitoes produce an unpleasant smell when electrocuted and the vapors generated thereof can be harmful for people sitting around the device. Scatter-proof designs ensure that you don’t get such bad smell and that the mist generated from this device doesn’t get to you.
  • It should use least or zero chemicals in its setup- There are certain electronic repellants in the market which generate a mist when plugged in, being produced from a chemical stored inside and attracts and kills mosquitoes. Please make sure the chemicals used are of natural sources or synthetic chemicals which have the least deteriorating effect on our health.
  • Be careful of the make and quality of the devices- There are several devices available in the market which claim to be original but are actually fakes and will not effectively drive off pests. So be careful while buying these devices so that you don’t end up with a spurious product and you are left at the mercy of these wretched creatures.

Product List

Now let us get on with the top 10 electronic repellents for insects and mosquitoes:

10. Electric Bug & Mosquito Swatter

This electric swatter comes loaded with myriad features. This device comes with rechargeable batteries which can store upto 2400 volts but is safe for human use and the main electrical grid is safeguarded by 2 external layers so that humans and pets don’t get any low-powered shock by accident. It is great to us outdoors or if you are thinking of hosting a barbeque party or a picnic outside it will keep away the bugs and those terrible mosquitoes. It is quite clean and doesn’t leave any ugly stains on any of your furniture or clothes. It also comes loaded with a LED light which you can use in the dark if the lights go dark and it confirms to the US lighting standards and can be easily recharged.

9.Pest Sentry Electronic Zapper for Bugs

Pest Sentry has brought us this marvellous device which has 2 Ultraviolet bulbs emitting light which attracts insects and mosquitoes from all corners and uses a 2000W grid to fry these things alive. It has a long extensible power cord so that it is not dangling outside and someone trips on it. Its body is made of high quality aluminium resistant to corrosion and scratches and the interiors are also made of materials which meets several international standards. The tray inside the device collects the remains of the bugs and mosquitoes and can be easily removed and washed and its scatter-proof design ensures no harmful vapors are given off. You can also use a brush to clean off remains still trapped in the grid.

8. Ultrasonic Repellent for Pest Control Indoors

This handy device emits ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to humans but can be heard by most of the pests and keeps them away from your house. It doesn’t kill the pests but creates an unpleasant sensation in their bodies which they can’t tolerate and will get away from your house as far as possible. No harmful chemicals or fumigants are used to achieve its actions which mean that you don’t have to worry about your children or loved ones breathing in those harmful fumes. It doesn’t leave any remains behind as it is not lethal for pests and helps in keeping your house clean. It doesn’t need any battery to recharge and has almost zero maintenance charges.

7. Ultrasonic Mosquito/ Insect Repellent with Electronic Plug-In

This little device packs a wallop as apart from mosquitoes many other pests are driven away by this machine and many experiments done by the manufacturers as well as real life incidents narrated by users have shown that many insects are affected by the ultrasonic sound it generates and keeps them away. Like many other ultrasonic devices it doesn’t employ any harmful chemicals or fumigants to kill off the pests. It simply makes them uneasy and drives them off your house leaving no remains behind. So you get cleaner interiors and you are free of any waste left by the pests when they ran amok in your house. You can use 1 device per room as the ultrasound cannot travel through walls so its effective coverage is limited. It has almost no maintenance charges as it doesn’t require any charge in batteries and is compact and safe to use.

6.Elucto Electronic Mosquito Zapper

Elucto has many devices for zapping mosquitoes and other unwanted insects and this device is just the first one in a long line of helpful swatters to come from Elucto. It is quite efficient in that it captures a lot of insects in one swing and fries them off. It has a maximum coverage area which catches the insects off guard and gets the coast clear. It doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery but 2 AA batteries which can be easily bought in the market and it can turn on the electricity by pressing a small yellow button on its handle. So it is safe for usage around children and pets. It can be a great companion outdoors and keeps your surroundings clear of any bugs and lets you enjoy your outdoor activities. This device comes with a year warranty so that if anything goes wrong it can be easily replaced without any extra charges.

5.The Executioner Insects/Mosquito Zapper

The Executioner brings us a fine gadget which is quite effective in controlling pests and keeps the troublesome mosquitoes away. It has an effective coverage of 7”x 8” and can trap any insect in this area and dispatches them in a blue flash of light. It comes coupled with 2 AA alkaline batteries which can be easily disposed of but make sure they are replaced at the same time and their labels shouldn’t be removed. The built of the device is compact and confirms to several international standards. The plastic body is made of high quality plastic and is different from those devices made of brittle plastics made from wastes. And the company states that this device has a genuine trademark and can be used by buyers to avoid buying fake ones and it is long lasting as per many customer experiences and is nice to feel in hand.

4. Elucto Electronic Zapper for Mosquitoes

Elucto has again done it. They have brought us another reliable device to drive away the relentless insects especially mosquitoes and keep us safe from disease carrying pests and keep our surroundings clean. It hasn’t got a 3 layer structure like many other repellants but its grid has a wide coverage and catches bugs midway and eliminates them for good. Also it has a small button to switch on the electricity whenever it is needed so that if children or pets happen to touch it by accident they won’t get a shock. Also there is a small light notifying the amount of charge left in the zapper and will let us know when to charge it. It doesn’t have a recharging battery but has two AA batteries which are easily available in the market and are great to use while handling the device.

3.Cravegreens Ultrasonic Repellent for Pest Control with Electronic Plug -In

Cravegreens ultrasonic repellent is a great device to use in the house because not only mosquitoes but many other insects and pests like cockroaches, fleas, rats keep away due to the ultrasound generated by it So not only will your house be safe from mosquitoes but many other insects will stop pestering you once this device becomes operational in your house. As the ultrasounds generated by devices like this are inaudible to human ear so it will not harm any little children in your house and you can enjoy doing your daily house chores with peace of mind as no insects will come to disturb you. But as ultrasound cannot travel through walls you need to buy 1 each for your room so that the whole house is effectively covered. It has almost negligible maintenance cost and the manufacturer guarantees that within 2-3 weeks you will start getting results. It just employs electricity to generate strong ultrasounds to drive all the pests crazy and drive them away from your house.

2.Aspectek Electronic Insect Zapper

This powerful insect killer employs about 2800 V of electric current to eliminate harmful insects and pests and keeps your house safe. It has a scatter-proof design which doesn’t allow harmful vapors generated from remains of bugs and insects to be spread into the air and so keeps us protected from these harmful fumes. The dead remains are collected in a removable tray which can be easily cleaned and the remains can be easily disposed. It draws a power of about 20W and is ideal for use in residential or in commercial spaces. It employs a couple of strong Ultraviolet emitting bulbs which attracts the pests from a wide area and lures them to the trap and disposes them with powerful shock. But its design is such that it confirms to several international standards and keeps any person safe from shock if they get in contact with live grid. Definitely a good choice for people who want to use such a device in their house to keep their home bug free.

1.Flowtron BK-15D Electric Mosquito Killer

Thenumerouno of the repellants list is occupied by this device brought to us by Flowtron. One of the few remarkable devices which can effectively and efficiently control pests around your house and doesn’t allow any type of disease carrying pests to come even close to your house. This device employs certain insect attractant cartridges especially mosquitoes which are lured by its smell and come close to it. Then the electric current flowing through it does its job and zaps them off the face of the Earth! Due to its electric conductivity it is advised not to be used indoors and to be used mostly in exteriors or in places where there is no human activity. It also shouldn’t be attached to any part of your house as it might draw unsuspecting pets towards it and give them a strong electric shock. It area of coverage is quite vast and so it is quite natural that its power source remains uninterrupted and it does employ a light source of 15 watts to deliver that power.