Winter is coming and every woman would want nice warm boots covering their feet while they stroll down the street or make a fashion statement while their compatriots are barely able to control their shiver. If you are the one who falls in either mentioned category you have come to the right place. Today we have brought you some of the finest boots available for women to wear during winter which will not only make heads turn but keep you super warm in the outside cold.And you don’t have to worry if you have larger calves or a narrow bone structure there are boots for every type of feet and structure and you will be spoilt for choice. Before you read on there are certain things you would want to know before buying your desired boots.

Things to remember:

Nowadays, there is a maddening variety of boots available in the market and it comes down to some important factors you need to keep in mind before making the purchase:

  • Warmth

Obviously, you would want your boots to keep your feet warm in cold climates but if you are using it just for a short period of time outside and spend most the time inside your house or at the office cubicle then you can definitely compromise on this quality. And if you are the adventurous type make sure your feet are kept properly warm.Also, ensure if you are going out your boots have adequate insulating material to keep you warm.

  • Comfort

As you saw in the earlier part if you are not keen on spending most of the time outside or in regions of heavy snow comfort wins over warmth as materials like wool or heat insulating fibres can become uncomfortable over a long period of time. You can opt for light fabrics in the inside of the boots to keep you comfortable while you move around and with the latest technology many materials have been made to keep you both warm and comfortable at the same time.

  • Performance

This factor comes into play if you are not the brooding one who keeps indoors. If you are into hiking or moving a lot outside you might consider boots made of rubber with traction as well as the right fit to accommodate your feet and keep your posture right. These materials will keep the water or wet snow outside as well as keep a firm grip on the snow and not fall down abruptly.

  • Style

Any women worth her salt will swear that winter is the time to flaunt your wardrobe and boots are no exceptions. There are many boots with removable sole parts or wearable cuffs covering your entire feet till your knees. These are made of the finest synthetics or natural fibres to give you the extra oomph so that heads will turn wherever you go and you can’t be much prouder. While buying stylish boots you need to keep in mind that cuffs which look so stylish also keep snow out of your legs so choose one which properly covers your leg.

Our Top 10 Picks:

10. Gaorui women’s high long snow Ankle boots, fox rabbit fur tassel shoes

The Gaorui high long snow Ankle boots with the fox rabbit fur and tassel provided inline are a treat for the eyes. These are synthetic shoes with rubber soles underneath which are provided with anti-skid lining and keep your feet warm and prevent the cold from getting in. These are fashionably elegant looking and noble and its looks are further complemented by the cute long design made of high-quality fur. These are absolutely brand new in the market and are of high quality. And they can be bought in various colors. Also, you need to be careful about the size as the highest size which can be obtained is up to 9.

9. Timberland’s Savin Hill Tall Boot for Women

Timberland’s Savin Hill Tall boots are made of imported leather with rubber soles and its shaft measures about 13.75” from the arch. Its heel is about 1” and its opening measures around 14”. It’s a great fit for people who like to go on long hikes uphill sides in deep snow or slushy ground. Also, it features a gusseted panel at top shaft with an adjustable strap so that gives ample breathing space for your feet. Also, it can be used as a knee high riding boots with an asymmetric topline with interwoven suede at its back shaft and ankle strap and it has contrast stitching to complement the looks of the boots further.Also due to its shaft size and rubber soles, you don’t feel your legs itch after a while when you are walking. If you remember these features are important when you are buying your boots for outdoor activities.

8.  Bearpaw’s Knit Tall for Women

Bearpaw has an interesting lineup for women as many of their boots are presented today in this article. Its Knit Tall boots for women are made of imported fabric with rubber soles and its shaft measure from the arch is about 15”. Its base platform measures about 0.5” and its opening is around 14.5”. Not only this it has a convertible knit boot with toggles engraved with logos and a comfortable round toe. Also when you are ordering them make sure they are a little bit smaller than your fit size as the fabric tends to loosen up after a while and you don’t want to end up with boots which come loose while you are waking around town.

7. Columbia Ice Maiden II Winter Boots for Women

These boots are available in different colors like Black or Colombia Grey and like many other boots available in this article have got rubber soles and the material is made of imported leather and fabric. Its shaft measures about 9” from the arch and its heel is around 1.25”. Its base platform is also about 0.75” and it has a waterproof coating with secure lace-up shaft lined up with a plush faux fur and a quilted back panel. Also, the material in these boots is rated to withstand a temperature of around -25 degrees Fahrenheit as it has 200 grams of insulation which will keep your feet warm in very cold temperatures as well. You can wear your pants tucked into these boots and you still won’t feel the difference.

6. Sorel’s Joan Of Arctic Boots for Women

Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Boots are in a class of their own. They are made of imported leather with rubber soles and its shaft measures about 11.5” from the arch. Its heel comes at around 1” and it has a cuff made of faux fur. And not only this it has a removable and recyclable felt inner boot with a seam-sealed waterproof construction and the rubber shell is also made of vulcanized rubber. They are also known to keep your feet extra warm in frigid climates and have good insulation against the snow. Also while buying it you can buy a size extra to give your forefeet an extra breathable space. These are snow boots so won’t fit in like fashionable boots so you need to keep this thing in mind.

5. Bearpaw’s Emma Tall Boots for Women

Like many other Boots in Bearpaw’s collection these boots are made of imported suede and have a rubber sole and likewise its shaft measures about 11.5” from the arch. It has an opening of about 13.5″ around and the base platform measures about 0.75” and it has a flexible and a non-marked outsole. It is also available in several colors like black, charcoal, olive, chocolate and many others. So as we said you are definitely spoilt for choice. Likewise in other reviews, you need to buy the right fit for these boots as after a while of wearing they become loose so that your feet will have some room for breathability.

4. Bearpaw’s Abigail Boots for Women

Bearpaw’s Abigail Boots, unlike others, are either manufactured in the US or imported and are made of suede. Its shaft measures about 8” from the arch and its platform rises about 3/4”. Its whole length measures a little more than 8”. It has also got two toggle buttons which open at the outside of the ankle. Its inner lining has sheepskin and wool blended with footbed made of sheepskin and the heel features a woven logo and it does come in several colours like Hickory, Redwood, Pink Leopard and many others. These shoes will let you wear your pants comfortably and also the ankle support is great and you won’t feel your feet strained due to incorrect arch or ankle support. So if you have any feet condition they will take care that your feet remain warm and you have the correct posture.

3. DailyShoes Military Combat Lace up with High Mid-Calf Pocket Boots

As its name suggests, these DailyShoes product comes in a rugged form for almost military use and the people there haven’t left anything to chance. Its made of imported synthetic with rubber sole and it has a 3.5 inch zippered storage pocket at its side to carry your cash, credit card, keys, pocket knife and other small essentials. It has a shaft size of around 9.75” and a circumference of 13” to fit a large number of women with different fits. Its specially crafted rugged design enables it to be used in rough terrains and its special rubber soles will keep you firmly on slippery floors or icy sidewalks and loose gravel with its special traction grip. These boots are made of heavy duty vegan leather which can withstand constant wear and tear and can be used to work or to play. As it touts to have a military touch the pockets are extra rugged and do not easily wear down and keep your valuables safe. Its padded cushion soles comfort you while you walk and it is up front lace helps you to adjust it for optimal support.

2. Refresh Wynne-01 Combat style with lace up ankle Boots

Refresh Wynne-01 boots come with a manmade sole and are made of imported synthetics. Unlike other boots its shaft is not that tall and it measures about 4” from the arch. Its platform measures about ½” and its upper part is made of faux leather. This boot is made in a combat style with a lace up on ankle and a knitting flip-over with a collar. Due to its short shaft length, people with flatter feet will find it comfortable as higher arches might hurt their feet. Also, these shoes are great with medium cushioned socks and will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Also even though it doesn’t look like it can keep snow out but many experiments were done outside in thick snow have shown their sturdiness against snow and won’t let a single snowflake in.

1.Top Moda Coco 1 Riding Boots for Women, Knee High

Finally, we have arrived at the top of our list where we introduce Top Moda Coco 1’s Riding Boots specially made for women keeping their comfort in mind. Like few of its compatriots, it has a manmade sole and it is made of synthetics and doesn’t contain any animal products. It is manufactured both in the USA and is imported. Its shaft measures about 15.5 inches from the arch and its platform is also raised ½ inches. It comes in various colors and sizes and women can definitely find it attractive and stylish for evening soirees or weekend parties. Also women with wider calves can wear it easily as it widens up a bit like real leather and is quite comfortable and definitely very stylish.

So go ahead and take your pick of these 10 boots but it is just a small example. You are sure to get many other brands of boots in the market which will suit your needs and also fall in your budget. Now go and start planning for your winter