Apple products are very delicate yet efficient and their MacBook Air is no different. The laptop may be small in size making it very portable but it is prone to damage easily so it is better to place the laptop in a case thereby avoiding any damage. Many people feel that a case is of no use if you have a backpack but they fail to consider the damage or scratches that any pen, wires etc., present in the bag may cause your lovely MacBook Air. Another thing to consider is that if anything heavy is kept on the laptop it may damage the laptop’s delicate screen.

Things you must consider while buying a laptop case

Size: The case should be big enough to hold your laptop comfortable. Otherwise if it is too big the laptop will move around in bag while travelling and this may cause damage and if it is too small it will be hard to fit your laptop inside. So make sure to familiarise yourself with your laptops dimensions so you can buy the right case for it.

  • Material: Always make sure to notice the kind of material your laptop case/ cover is madeof because if the material is of poor quality it affects the durability of the case and if the material is rough it may cause scratches on your laptop.
  • Travel friendly: It is best if the case, cover or sleeve comes with a sling or a handle, so you can wear it or carry it easily and travel unhindered otherwise you should look for the one which is thin and can fit in your luggage easily.
  • Weight: Laptop with its accessories is pretty heavy, so to carry it comfortably is a bit tricky. So when you buy a case for your laptop, make sure that the case is durable and does not have a noticeable weight of its own.
  • Pockets: It is best if a laptop cover/case/sleeve has pockets to add the various accessories like earphones, charger etc. that are needed for the laptops function. And some laptop cases even have two or more pockets allowing you to keep iPad, iPhone etc.
  • Locking: Laptops bags come with a variety of locking techniques like zippers, buckles, latches or snaps preventing the laptop from falling out of the case. You can select locking system based on your taste.

Design and look: Laptops cases have been introduced with various designed to look like a book, some with embroidery, designed like a file etc. with the changing trends the looks have also changes. So try to buy a trendy one.

Product Lists

Check out the 10 best-rated and best-selling MacBook Air cases that look trendy and classy,and protect your MacBook Air from damages

1. Thule Stravan 13” Macbook Pro+ ipad Sleeve, Gray

This laptop case has a very sophisticated cool design available in three sizes for different sizes of laptops. This 13 inch sleeve has a tailored shape fitting your MacBook Air perfectly and also allowing you to add an iPad in the front zipper without much fuss. Water and abrasion resistant material covers this thickly padded sleeve thereby protecting your laptop from outside elements or any damage. The edges have additional foam padding ensuring that even the edges of your MacBook Air are protected. The sleeve has two compartments the main one for your laptop and the small one easily fits your iPad and to make sure that nothing falls of both the compartments are equipped with zippers. And to make it more to your convenience TSA guidelines were compliance while designing so you need not remove your laptop during security check. The cost is quite reasonable for such a good product.

2. Inateck MacBook Air Sleeve Case

This case has a very practical yet trendy design and is made of renewable, biodegradable and sustainable materials that are eco-friendly. It has internal dimension of 12.9 x 8.8 inches and external dimensions of 13.7 x 9.4 inches thereby fitting your MacBook Air and other MacBook models perfectly. The case consists of two main compartments the large fits your laptop, the small compartment is magazines, iPad etc. and two flannel lined back pockets for your smartphones, wallets, earphones etc. making it perfect for daily use. The lining material is water resistant, non-abrasive and mold proof and the shock is absorbed, hence protecting the devices. This can be used in any climate and environment. The cost is very cheap making it affordable to all.

3. Inateck 13-13.3 Inch Sleeve Case Cover

Another Inateck case makes our list with its simple yet sophisticated design giving you a casual yet cool look with its grey color. It is made of four layers of bio-degradable, eco-friendly and durable material. The case has interior of soft flannel and a woven exterior giving excellent protection to your laptop. The case has two compartments the main one is lined with a specially designed zipper ensuring that your laptop doesn’t accidentally fall of ant the small compartment is made of elastic thereby allowing you to store the charger, earphones etc. The case has external dimensions of 14.3 x 10 inches and internal dimensions of 13.5 x 9.4 inches making it a snug fit for your MacBook Air at a very reasonable cost.

4.Amazon Basics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeves

This Amazon Basics laptop sleeve has a slim and simple design allowing it to be easily packed and is available in 5 colors to suits your taste. This case has internal dimensions of 13 x 0.4 x 9.5 inches and external dimensions of 13.75 x 0.8 x 10.25 inches making it suitable for laptops that have a display of 13.3 inch that includes MacBook Air. The sleeve is made of form fitting neoprene and permits for top loading thereby allowing easy access to your laptop. Even with your laptop inside the sleeve maintains its slim profile making it very compatible to carry around. The cost of the sleeve is also very cheap making it affordable to all.

5.Mosiso Macbook Air Case Cover

This case has a design that allows you easy access and operation of the laptop with its openings and cut offs without need of removing the laptop from the case. The case cover has shock absorbing and highly durable features thereby protecting your laptop from any damage. To protect your laptop from falling off accidentally the case has the design of magnetic closure. This case is made specially to fit MacBook air with 13.3 inch display and Mosiso offers this case in 15 different colors so you can choose based on your taste. The cost of the case is also very reasonable making it affordable to many.

6.Lavievert Gray Case for Laptop

This slim case has a lightweight with a vintage yet fashionable design that will suit any occasion or age group. It has an almost envelope like design with a magnetic button helping to close the case to protect your laptop from accidentally falling off. The case is made of environment friendly high quality felt and high quality PU leather thereby giving the case a durable structure and protecting your laptop from scratches, bumps, accidental scuffs etc. that may damage it. This case is made specially to suit MacBook Air and other 13.3 inch display laptops like Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro etc. holding them comfortably and Lavievert offers this case in six different color combinations suiting every style and taste at a very reasonable rate.

7. Case Logic Display Sleeve LAPS-113, 13.3-Inch

This case has a slim design that has a cool and posh look with the case’s each side having woven webbing adding subtle texture. This form fitting case has foam padding all over and is made of EVA foam thereby protecting your laptop from any scratches or damages. The case has a lightweight of 0.37 lb. and size with dimensions of 14 x 1.1 x 10 thereby making it a perfect fit for MacBook Air and other laptops with 13.3 inch like Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro etc. The envelope design of the case permits top loading of the laptop and to ensure that the laptop doesn’t fall of a high quality zipper is present. Case Logic offers this case in 7 bright colors so you can choose based on your taste at quite reasonable price.

8.Case Logic PAS-213 13-Inch Macbook Neoprene Sleeve

This case by Case Logic has a simple yet cool design. The case has protection of 6 millimetres that includes 3 millimetre of neoprene and 3 millimetre of foam providing your MacBook air with utmost protection from scratches, bumps and accidents that may damage the laptop. The inner lining of suede and neoprene cushions that are durable make sure that you laptop may not sustain any scratches. The case has two sections the large one is for the laptop and the small one can be used to store chargers, earphones and other accessories of your laptop and a zipper is added to protect the laptop from falling off accidentally. The dimensions of the case are 13.5 x 1.25 x 9.75 inches there by it is suitable for devices with dimensions 13 x 1 x 9.1 like the MacBook Air and other laptops with 13 inch display. With a lightweight of 0.77 lb. this laptop case is easily to carry while traveling. This case is available at a very reasonable price.

9. Case Star Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve

This case by Case star has a very trendy with its Bohemian style patterns on the fabric of case and Case stars offers 9 different Bohemian styles. The case is made of canvas that is durable and soft additionally to protect your laptop from damages like scratches, bumps etc. the case is equipped with double protection with a layer of foam padding lined with fluffy fleece fabric. The envelope like design allows for easy access to the laptop with just the opening of the zipper that protects the laptop from accidentally falling out. The case is of dimensions 14 x 9.5 x 1 therefore making it suitable for a laptop with display of 13 -13.3 inches and this includes MacBook Air. The case itself has a lightweight and slim structure and even with the laptop in the case there is no variation the case remains slim thereby can be easily packed in your hand luggage while travelling. The cost of the case is quite reasonable when the beautiful look and useful design is taken into account. The case is recommended by me to all the fashionestas out there who like to carry their laptop in style.

10.Case Logic 13&15″ MacBook Pro®/13-14″ Laptop Sleeve

You may have noticed that this is the third Case Logic’s laptop case listed in our list but what can I do, their products are quite awesome, like this case with its amazing yet efficient design. This case is similar to a normal laptop bag with its sling and everything but it has a much slimmer width. The interior of the case has two sections with one having a strap to secure your laptop and the other section has two pockets and enough space to store the charger etc. of the laptop. What I liked most is that the case allows you access to the laptop without removing it from the case. The interior of the case allows airflow thereby eliminating any chances of damage due to overheating. The exterior of the case is made of EVA foam that is moulded into a hard shell thereby protecting your laptop from any potential damage. The case has a width of 33.5 cm and a height of 7.7 cm making it compatible with devices of dimensions 9.4 x 0.8 x 13.7 that includes the MacBook Air thought the price is a bit high.

Many buy the MacBook Air but neglect to buy the suitable case and use a generic case which may cause damage to your pretty laptop. So spend a little money and protect your MacBook Air. Don’t waste any more time and order a case from our list that best suits your needs.