Our home is our paradise and there is nothing more important than keeping it clean. And to keep your house clean with good discipline, it is very important  to store your shoes properly in the shoe rack. This will make your shoes look great and can protect them from water, dust and sun. Also your shoes don’t fade rapidly or warp while they are safely placed in the shoe rack. That is the reason why Shoe racks have become one of the most important item in modern households.

Things to consider before buying

Before buying, consider all the reasons why shoe rack is a essential requirement for your home.

  • Available Placement Space : Though shoe racks are already compact and saves a lot of space but still you need to consider the available space. You can use the space under the bed, in your closet, attached with the entry door, in the unused corners of room or on the wall. Before selecting a shoe rack, also check with the available space for the placement of the shoe rack. You can use a measuring tape to measure the length, width and height. It is advisable to select one as per your placement and mesearement.
  • Hight and Capacity : Different type of shoe racks comes with different types of slots height and capacity. So, It will be fair enough, to consider your shoes height and pairs of shoes, which are currently in use. Because if you have high heal shoes then you need more height in your shelves of shoe rack.
  • Enhace the look : Materials and design of the shoe rack is also an important  to  enhance the overall look of your room. Choose one that complements the color and theme of the room. Placement also plays a significant role to beautify your interior. If you are planning to place the shoe rack in visible areas like living rooms. Then shoe rack with doors are a better option.
  • Budget : Shoe racks come in a wide price range, depending on the kind of material used. Plastic or canvas materials are less expensive than chrome-plated or wood shoe rack.

Top 10 Shoe Racks

10.ClosetMaid 8929 Stackable 15 Cube Shoe Rack

Wooden furniture is perfect for any décor which is why this is the perfect alternative for shoe rack. The Closetmaid 8929 15 Cube Shoe Rack gives you the alternative to store about 15 shoe pairs in a very small space. In terms of the size, each of the rack is about 5.75 inches tall and about 4.5 inches wide with depth of 11 inches. This is not only a very effective solution for storage but can also ensure that your shoe are kept safe and secured. In terms of the styling the rack comes in anespresso colour which goes with most of the house décor. The wood used on the rack is of very high quality which means that it has the strength to last for long duration. The best part of the shoe rack is that there is also an additional storage space with the rack which can be customized according to your needs. Assembling of the product is also not very difficult and if the manual is thoroughly followed there is no need to use any professional help.

9.Songmics7 Tire Portable shoe Rack

Another very effective alternative which promises to store as many as 36 pair of shoe. The Songmics 7 tire Portable shoe rack is the dream rack for every big family. The best part of the shoe rack is not that it can be used to store shoes up to 36 pairs but the fact that it is very light in weight  and can be easily moved from one place to another. There is a drawback to the rack and which is that it isn’t very sturdy and is made from steel tubes connected with the help of plastic connectors. For the purpose of covering there is a non-woven fabric used in the shoe rack which can last for about 7 years if not torn. There is ample room for storage in the shoe rack and can store 36 pairs to ensure that your bedroom, living room or hallway is always kept organised and clean. It’s a very effective space saving alternative and won’t take a lot of space to be installed. The shoe rack is also dust proof which makes it very easy to keep it clean. In terms of assemble, it can be done at home without any kind of professional guidance. There is a zipper in the front of the rack which can keep all the unwanted dust away from your precious shoe and also make the un-viewable.

8.Amazon basics 50 Pair Shoe Rack

Amazon own manufactured shoe rack, Amazon basics 50 pair rack is another alternative which can be good for basic use. This is a very simple design which does not offer anything else’s rather than providing alternative for users to store as many as 50 pairs of shoes. It’s very sturdy for its design which may be because it’s made up completely of metal with chrome coating. For a 50 pair holder this is a very small unit which is great as it will take very small space of your house. It’s a 10 tire shoe rack which makes it perfect for any big family. Another very good feature of this shoe rack is that there are wheels attached at the bottom which makes it very easy to move it from one place to another.

7.Honey Can DoSho 01600 Bamboo 2 Tire shelf

If wooden décor is your thing then there is no other shoe rack which is better looking than this. It has basic design with not major styling but even after that this is a one of the most elegant looking shoe rack you can find in this list. The only drawback for this is that its only 2 tire and can only be merely enough for a small family. In total it can only be used to shore 6 to 7 pairs of shoe which is certainly not a lot. But even after that this can be enough for a family of 2 or 3. The material used is bamboo which also makes it eco-friendly. Wood is imported and is of very high quality to ensure sturdiness. There are enough vents in the rack which ensures that it is moisture resistant. The polish over the bamboo makes very smooth texture which can be very crucial for the purpose of cleaning. This shelf comes unassembled which means that you would have to use the manual to assemble it. Assemblywon’t take a lot of time and can be done at home. There is also a three tire model available for this shelf.

6.Songmics 10 Tire shoe Rack for 50 pairs

Again a very good alternative for a large family, the Songmics 10 tire shoe rack is a perfect solution if you are looking for a space to store close to 50 pairs of shoe. It’s a tower rack which means that it can present you an alternative to store large bunk of shoes without consuming a lot of space. In terms of the construction there this one is made of a durable iron pipe and high quality PP connectors. The clothing used to cover the rack is made from the water resistant non-woven fabric which can promises to provide you with a long term solution. This is a very good option for those who are looking to keep your house safe from all the shoe clutter and keep your apartment well organised. The unit is very easy and fast to assemble and there are no tools required. This unit can be converted into 2 or 3 tire unit.

5.Whitmor 36 Pair Over the door Shoe Rack

It is one of the very unique prospective for shoe storage. This is a back of the door rack and takes very small space to store shoes (36 pairs). As it is back of the door shoe rack there won’t be any floor space consumed by this one and all the closet clutter can be eliminated. The design used on the shoe rack is of bar type which makes it very sturdy and strong. The bars can also be adjusted according to the liking of the user to accommodate various different sizes of shoe. Designing of the bars is such that it holds the shoe securely and prevents them from falling. Also there is a door pads which are non-slip to make sure that the rack remains in place securely and safely. It’s very easy to assemble and there won’t be any additional tool required.

4.Whitmor 20 Pair shoe rack

Whitmor 20 Pair shoe rack is another very good alternative for small family. It has a very sturdy and strong design of metal bars that can ensure long life. The shoe rack is designed to fit in the closet under the clothes. There is a plane white colour on the shoe rack which increases the beauty of the shoe rack. Whitmor is a big brand when it comes to shove rack which mean that you can be rest assured for the quality of this rack. There is nothing more badly than the mess created by the cluster of shoe, which is why this shoe rack is the perfect alternative for a small apartment or house. This is also one of the bestsellers over amazon and can be very perfect addition for your house.

3.Whitmore 50 Pair rolling Pair shoe Rack

If you are looking for a bigger alternative then this is another very good alternative for your house. With the capacity to carry as many as 50 shoes, the whitmore 50 Pair is one of the best shoe racks for a large family. This is also a very stylish alternatives with a classy chrome and black plating on the pack. It has a heavy duty design which gives it a long life. There is a anti slip and skid design in place that is very effective to make sure that you get a 10 tire of sturdy shoe rack which won’t let even a single shoe fall back. Along with all these thing the best part is that there are wheels applied on the bottom that makes it very easy to move from one place to another. Wheels are a great addition as it ensure that you can clean the floor or relocate the shoe rack without any need to remove all the shoe from it.

2.Seville Classics 3 tire Iron Shoe Rack

If a well designed, good looking shoe rack is your needthe Seville Classics is one for you. Design is very simple but that is what makes this one a perfect fit into any kind of décor. The overall finish on the product is of satin powder and all the units are connected horizontally. Instead of bars there are pads installed on the surface that are very much capable of carrying all your shoes. It has a very airy design which means that there won’t be any moisture in your shoe.

1.Seville Classics utility shoe rack

Top two spots are shared by Seville 3 tire shoe racks. This one is probably better looking then the last one. The mocha coloured polished shoe rack can be perfect addition for a small family of four. It can carry about 10 to 15 shoe pairs can be save your house from the mess created by the cluster of the shoe. As it’s from the warehouse of Seville, you can be rest assured of the quality of the shoe rack. The pack comes with folded panels which can be easily assembled without any tools. The best part is that when not in use you can fold the shoe rack and store it in a very small space. This is one of the best sellers over Amazon which can promise you of high quality.