Nowadays, gardening is one of the most trending hobbies that are there, in both genders, male and female. The pleasant smell of the gardens and the beautiful, eye catching colors of the flowers are, no doubt, one of the best things to look for. But in this, your hands can easily get hurt during all of it. Therefore, gardening gloves are one of the essentials needed for doing all the gardening stuff. These gloves are mostly made out of a material that can easily protect the hands from all those things that can damage them during gardening. There are different types of gloves, for example long or short, that are used in different tasks during gardening, but generally, all of them are there to protect the hands and thus, to make gardening pleasant.

Benefits of Gardening Gloves:

  • They protect your hands against injuries – During gardening, irritating sap, thorny plants, sharp edges of ornamental grass, blisters, splinters and sunburn are some of the things that can greatly damage and injure your hands. In this situation, these gardening gloves are there to shield your hands against all of those things.
  • They keep dirt out – If you’re doing gardening, then mud and dirt are the things that you can’t run away from. To keep this mud and dirt away from your hands, gardening gloves can be the best solution, as they totally cover up your hands.
  • They protect against dry skin – One of the characteristics of the soil is that it wicks off the moisture from the skin. This makes our skin dry and thus, it is easier to get damaged, becoming more sensitive. To shield our skin, these gloves keep the mud away from our hands and so, we can keep our skin safe and healthy.
  • They provide comfort – Of course, these gloves are very soft and comfortable to wear, at the same time working efficiently to protect our hands against all those things that can have a bad impact on our skin.
  • Protection against weather – The spring or fall is the season when most of the flowers bloom out and the time when most of the plants require attention, but the weather also turns a little cold and wet. These gloves keep our hands warm and dry during this kind of weather, so that we can work longer and better.
  • Wearing them saves time – Instead of spending too much time scraping out dirt from your nails and then moisturizing your hands, treating all the blisters and sunburn that your hands just got, these gloves protect your hand against all these things in the first place, therefore saving a lot of your time.

Top 11 Gardening Gloves Reviews

11.HandMaster Women’s Medium Rose Garden Gloves

These gloves are a product by HandMaster, designed especially for rose gardens. One of their great qualities is that they are resistant to punctures, which provides better safety and protection against thorns and other things in the gardens, which can damage the skin if they come into contact with it. The knuckle guards, padded palms and reinforced fingertips are also one of the features that add on to the resistance of the gloves. As these gloves are medium sized, with great length, they are long enough to protect the forearms, providing further protection. Because they are made out of a flexible material, they never cease to provide comfort efficiently alongside protection. The whimsical printed floral fingertips add on to the grip that is provided by these gloves, one of the things that help while gardening to make it easy, pleasant and enjoyable. These gloves are designed in a way so that they can protect against thorns while working in the rose bushes.

10.G & F Women 3-Pair Pack Garden Gloves

This is a product by G & F, a pack that includes three pairs of garden gloves in three different, beautiful colors. They are made of 40% Latex Coating, 60% Nylon Shell, and efficiently cover the whole hand. These gloves are also super cool and comfortable, their breathable fabric constantly keeping the hands dry and cool, maintaining the perfect grip on the plants. They are also super light and fit onto the hands perfectly like second skin. These gloves provide protection against thorns, dirt, blisters, sunburn and many other things that can greatly have a bad impact on our skin. They have a micro form nitrile coating, which adds on to the efficiency of the gloves, providing better comfort and protection to the user. The flexible material of these gloves also makes it possible for them to fit nearly every size of every hand perfectly well.

9.Gardening Gloves Women (Pack of 3)

These gloves are a product by Gardening Gloves, a pack of three pairs of gloves, each with a beautiful floral print. They are especially made of a breathable Nylon material so that they can keep the hands cool and sweat free, letting the user to do the gardening stuff without any fuss and difficulty. The palms are coated with nitrile, so that they can efficiently protect against the thorns, which could otherwise puncture in and injure the skin of your hands, as well as they keep the wetness away, therefore establishing a better grip. Its size is carefully designed to fit most of the hands in the best way possible, in a way that is hard to notice, keeping our hands comfortable as well as protected at the same time. These gloves reach up to cover your hands until just above your wrists, therefore providing better protection for the user.

8.Yardbiz Gardening Gloves (Pack of 4)

These gloves are a product by Yardbiz, a pack of four pairs of gloves. These gloves are carefully designed to be light weight and highly protective at the same time, efficiently providing a better grip to the user. They also protect the skin, fingernails and everything else, covering the hands up until the wrists, against the things out there in the garden that can damage the skin. These gloves are also made of a breathable material, keeping the hands cool and dry, as well as highly comfortable. These gloves are perfect while working in the thorny bushes or working with lawn tools; these gloves will do their work perfectly well either way. The durable nitrile coating protects against thorns that could puncture in through the normal glove fabric. These gloves fit perfectly over your hands, therefore keeping the dust and debris away from your hands, and are easy to clean as they can we washed in a washing machine safely.

7.Showa Garden Club Gloves (Pack of 4)

These gloves are a product by Showa, a pack of four gloves in four different, varying colors, perfect to work in the garden. These gloves are made out of a durable material, carefully coated with nitrile, which helps keep the hands protected from thorns. The breathable feature also keeps the hands dry and cool, thus providing a better grip. The gloves are touch and lightweight as well, nearly unnoticeable, which makes them much more comfortable and easy to work with. The versatile gloves are your best companions in gardening, providing you with everything you’d ever need to keep your hands safe during the whole process. With a weight of 6.4 ounce, they are weightless enough to be noticed while they are worn by the user. They efficiently cover our hands up until just over our wrists, thus providing better protection over a large area.

6.Women Gardening Gloves (Pack of 2)

These gloves are a product by AmazingStuffForYou! Which includes 2 pairs, and not only are they used for gardening, but they can prove themselves useful during other household tasks as well. They are made out of a material that provides super grip, making gardening easier. Not only for women, but it can also be used by men as well. It can fit perfectly well onto any kind of hand, and still feel like second skin. These gloves are also machine washable and breathable to reduce sweat and keep the hands dry and cool, so that the user is comfortable and gardening could become a better, pleasant experience for the user. The special, protective coating on these gloves helps protect the hands from thorns, ultimately protecting them from scratches and cuts. The packaging includes an e-book, as well as a money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

5.Garden Guru Women Garden Gloves

These gardening gloves are a product by Garden Guru, blue in color. These gloves are especially designed to provide strong protection against anything that could hurt or injure the skin, e.g. Thorns, bushes and other things. They also work efficiently to keep the dirt away from the hands, as well as from getting stuck into the nail beds, which could really get quite annoying when you have to scrape it out. In this way, you can protect your skin from damaging and losing moisture. These gloves also reach up to cover your hands just over your wrists to provide better protection more efficiently and effectively. These gloves are also each to wear and take off, and their flexible design helps them to fit perfectly over any kind of a hand. With these gloves, you don’t have to risk getting cut while working with thorns; they guarantee to protect your hands in the nest way possible.

4.Magid Professional Women’s Medium Rose Gardening Gloves

These gloves are a product by Magid, made for professional use by women. These gloves are carefully designed to work in Rose gardens, where hands can easily get hurt by thorns. But these gloves protect the hands from those injuries, as they have leather padded palms and reinforced fingertips, the material being puncture resistant and therefore, protecting the hands from injuries. With the protection, these gloves also provide comfort as well, so that the user can work for longer and thus, gardening can be pleasant and enjoyable for him as well. Its cuff reaches up to cover the arms until our elbows, therefore protecting the forearms as well with the hands from dirt and injuries. It fits perfectly to any size, which also keeps the dirt out efficiently.

3.Bamboo Gardening and Work Gloves for Men & Women

These gloves are a product by Bamboo, green in color. They are available in four different sizes to fit perfectly onto your hand according to your ice, from small to X Large, and can be bought in a packaging of either one, or two pairs of gloves. Because they are made of a breathable material, they keep the hands dry and cool, the durable material protecting against injuries and dirt. It is so flexible that it fits onto the hands like a second skin, which makes working in the gardens comfortable and easier.

2.Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves

These gloves are a product by Exemplary Gardens, available in 4 different colors and 5 different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. They can go for both, men and women. The breathability of the fabric keeps the hands cool and dry, while the tough fabric also protects the hands from injuries and other damage at the same time. Its flexible fabric makes it fit perfectly onto the hand, thus effectively keeping dirt and everything out, away from the skin. It’s also reaches up to cover until the elbows, further doing protection much more efficiently.

1.G & F Women’s and Men’s Gardening Gloves

This product by G & F is available in 4 different sizes and available for both the genders separately, male and female. Made of 100% Nylon, and nitrile coating, these gloves prove to be highly comfortable as well as protective against damage, injuries and dirt. The pack consists of 6 different pairs of gloves in different colors. These gloves efficiently fit onto the hands like a second skin, therefore efficiently keeping out dirt and debris, at the same time protecting the hands against harmful substances such as thorns, as they cover our hands up until our wrists.