Halloween has always been the time when people celebrate and get a little superstitious. Since Halloween is around the corner and everyone is making preparation for it. Especially, the younger generation like the teens and the kids seem to enjoy this festival a lot since it is a kid’s centered festival. They are all excited and planning what to wear, how to dress, which of their favorite horror character they should caricature and things like that. Most of you must be undecided and confused about what costume should you pick for the Halloween?  Whereas most you, on the other hand being a parent must be wondering how to dress your child and what should you buy them for this Halloween? All the kids want to look scary and they really enjoy this festival. It is always a difficult part to pick presents and dress on any occasion and become extremely confusing when it is such an exciting festival like the Halloween. So here is the list of top 11 kids halloween costume review that you can buy for your child and make them look scary on Halloween.

11 Kids Halloween Costume Review:

11.Sweet Dracula Costume

This a very sweet, small sized Dracula costume for your baby girl. If want your beloved child to look pretty at the same time dress her for the Halloween without any fussy and scary makeup then this is perfect for you small girl. The costume is available in pretty black and pink mixed color in small size. This is a complete costume available with a caplet which adds fun to the costume. You will also get a wig with a tiara to add elegance to the little Dracula that you are dressing at the same time you don’t have to buy any extra stuff to make the costume look complete.

10.The Batman, Joker Costume

Is your child a crazy fan of the joker of The Dark Knight rises? If yes then you must get this costume for your kid. This costume is made up of synthetic fiber which is very comfortable for your kid. The jacket of the costume is attached to the vest and the tie so that your kids do not need to go through the fuss of making the tie knot. The costume is completed with pants and the joker mask which give your child a complete look of the joker in the movie. Since it is a complete costume you don’t have to worry about buying any extra stuff to complete you kids look.

9.Harry Porter Child’s Costume

How many of our kids love Harry Porter and to get dressed like him on the Halloween could be their dream come true. This Harry Porter’s costume is available in small size and large size and you can pick according to your kid’s requirement. This costume is complete with the ankle-length hooded robe with the clasp which gives you the ease to fasten the robe around the neck of your child without any fuss. You will also receive Gryffindor Emblem which your kid is definitely going to like it. This black fleece costume has burgundy accents which give your kid a complete Harry Potter’s look.

8.Howling at the moon

Does your kid love wolves and they want to dress like a wolverine on this Halloween night then this costume is a perfect for this. It is named howling at the moon and this wolf costume is available in different sizes from small to extra large. So you need worry about the fitting of the costume. The shirt is attached to fur where the plaid shirt is in tatters and the chest and the arm of the costume is covered with fur. Well taking about the fur, it is made up of 84% of polyester fabric and 16% of the acrylic so that it won’t cause itching or rashes when the kids wear it. The costume is completed with Vinyl mask which gives a very realistic look to the costume. It can be a perfect choice for the scary Halloween getup.

7.Zombie Hunter

This costume is really a life savior for the little kids on Halloween because this costume is available in extra small, small and medium size with the good fitting. The costume consists of a tattered jacket and zombie hunter T-shirt which is made up of 100% polyester which gives you the freedom of washing it with cold water in machine but bleaching and hot ironing is not recommended. The costume also includes the hat and the axe with the zombie sheath which provides a very cowboy like look. There is a surprise for the kids who love to play with guns because you will also be receiving a Bullet Bandolier to shoot the zombies with. This costume is very cool one for the Halloween.

6.Star Wars Costume

This costume has very high demand in the market because it features General Grievous of the popular movie Star wars. The costume is available in the different sizes as small, medium and large sizes. The costume is the exact copy of the General Grievous of the movie and the color of the costume is almost the same and available in the same color in the market. The robe and the body structure of the costume are exact the same like in the movie and to complete the costume the General Grievous mask is provided to you so that your kid looks exactly like a Star wars warrior. Try presenting this costume to you little warrior on Halloween and see them get all excited.

5.Harry Potter’s Robe

How many of your kids is a big Harry Potter’s fan? This Harry Potter’s robe is a perfect costume for them. This costume is very simple with just a robe for your kid to wear and a pair of spectacles can give the complete Harry Potter’s look but the glasses are not included in the costume. The robe is made up of 100% polyester fabric so it is washable in cold water without bleaching. It is available in the medium size in vibrant red color in the market. This is a simple yet a very cool outfit for the male kids on Halloween.

4.Witch Costume

Who does not admire little pretty witches around them? So, a storybook witch costume can make your little princess look adorable. This witch costume is available in extra small, small and medium size. The costume has a vibrant color combination of green, black and orange. It includes a beautiful tattered skirt with sleeves. You are also given a matching hat to complement the look for you dear ones. The cute cat graph on the dress makes the dress adorable. It is perfect Halloween costume for the little girls since there is no makeup fuss and yet it makes them look pretty and fun filled on Halloween.

3.Evil Jester

You definitely want to look evil during the Halloween night and must be wondering which costume should you go for then Evil Jester is the best choice. This costume is available in catchy black and white check and plan black portion in it. It is made up of Polyester fabric so it is washable in the machine with cold water but bleaching and hot ironing are still not recommended. The costume consists of the top full sleeve T-Shirt and the pant with a waist sash for the fitting. You are provided with a Vinyl joker mask and a headpiece to complete the look. This costume is very comfortable yet gives your child the desired scary look.

2.Soul Taker

This is a great scary costume to choose for the Halloween. It available in all sizes such as extra small, medium, large and extra large so you don’t have to worry about the fitting of the costume. It is made up of 100% polyester so it saves you from any the discomfort like itches and rashes. The costume includes the robe with the nice screen print with the attached hood and a face cover. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the face cover since it made transparent for your comfort. This costume will give a very scary and ghostly look to your child at the same time scythe, gloves and shoes are not included the costume. There will be no makeup fuss with this costume.

1.Glamorous Witch

This is a very pretty costume for the little girls out there. The costume has a very delicate and glamorous color combination of purple and black. It is available in extra small, small and medium size. The costume is made up of 100% Polyester fabric so can be hand washed with cold water but bleaching is still not recommended on the costume. A black and a purple robe are provided with the costume to give that wicked witchy look to your kid. A signature pointed witch hat with a rhinestone buckle is also provided to you. No scary or fussy makeup is required with this dress because the dress itself gives the very effective Halloween look.