Protecting the face from harsh wind and cold temperature gets a high priority for anyone during the winter. Keeping your face exposed to winter elements can cause discomfort as well as serious skin irritations such as windburns and frostbite.

Therefore several products have been designed specially to keep the face warm and concealed during cold winter days. Balaclava face masks are one type of those products which provides optimalcomfort and protection you need.You can find a list of 13 best-selling balaclava face masks within this article together with their reviews.

 How to choose a good balaclava face mask

There are many face masks that come as balaclavas offering various features. However a shopper needs to learn more about balaclava face masks before suddenly purchasing one as they come in different materials,designs,prices and fits.

  • Material

The material is an important factor to consider when buying a face mask. The warmth, thickness and ease of cleaning of the mask depend on the material it is made of. Balaclava maskscome in a range of materials like neoprene, leather, fleece andcotton/ polyester.

  • Design

Balaclava masks are available in various designs to cater the needs of different types of users. Some of them come as full face balaclavas while some are available as half face balaclavas or open balaclavas. There are also some multifunctional balaclavas which are designed for different purposes.

  • Price

Prices for balaclava face masks usually range from $5 to $35. You have to pick a one with significant performance that fits your budget as well.

  • Fit

Usually one size fits for most users in good balaclava masks. Some balaclavas even offer a single size for both adults and kids. They are stretching well to accommodate any face size or shape.

After going through the above criteria, dive into the reviews of following top 13 winter face masks to find the ideal mask for you.

Top 13 Winter Face Masks:

 13.Cozia Design Balaclava MaxPro Ski Mask

This superb Cozia balaclava ski mask has got the ability to protect your face in extremely cold environments. It comes in a unique 3D design and has got a mesh breathing pane for proper air exchange. It also features a lycra bond around the face for additional security against winter elements.Its high length neck provides the wearer with an excellent shield against cold, snow and wind. This ski mask perfectly fits both men and women and available in 3 size options as small, medium, large. It can be worn in many ways: as a full face mask, half face mask, open balaclava or a neck gaiter. It’s made as a blend ofwindproof fleece and polyester which has active heat generating quality. Its 4 way stretch manufacture enables great mobility and shape maintaining. This high quality balaclava has brilliant performance in thermal insulation and abrasion resistance. It’s highly regarded for its durability and very soft and lightweight too.

 12.Windproof Fleece Balaclava Ski Face Mask

This is another great face mask which has remarkable performance against winter elements. Its hood style mask helps to cover your entire face and stay warm during the neediest situations. Having made with soft fleece material, this ski face mask is very smooth and comfortable. It comes in one size that fits most users and perfect for long term use. It can be easily adjusted according to your preferences by its two puller buttons. This greatBalaclava face mask is available in nine different colours and also includes a warranty when bought from super Z outlet.

 11.Balaclava White Ski Mask

Cold weather cannot stop you anymore from doing things you love with this wonderful white balaclava ski mask. Having made with fine roubaix fabric, this ski mask is very strong and long lasting. Its quick drying and moisture wickingqualities offer maximum wind and cold guard in winter days. Furthermore it comes with a hinged design which acts as an all in one protector for your head, face and neck. This excellent balaclava can be worn in many ways: closed or open balaclava, neck tube, scarf, hat or facemask. It is highly breathable mask with 4 way stretch fabric and available in a single size that fits most users. What is more special about this balaclava mask by GearTop is that it comes with lifetime warranty.

 10.Windproof Hat Balaclava Ski Face Mask


This Alaska Bear Ski Face Mask will help you get through any harsh weather condition. It comes with an additional length in front and a back that spreads in to your jacket in order to completely cover from the cold.  It is windproof as well as soft and comfortable offering your head, ears and neck an optimum protection against wind and cold. This balaclava comes in one size that perfectly fits for both men and women. It has got a very breathable fleece hood that adds an overall comfort to the wearer. This Alaska Bear Face Mask also benefits its buyers with a 30 day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied and a lifetime warranty.

 9.Windproof Balaclava Ski Face Mask

This is another most popular balaclava face mask among large number of users. It has received a brilliant 4.8 average customer rating which includes thousands of 5-star reviews. The reason is that it comes with some superior features to offer you an utmost protection and comfort against cold and wind. Its stretchy and breathable fabric eliminates moisture while the double fleece lining offers high thermal retention. This excellent balaclava also gives the flexibility of wearing it in any style: open ski mask, half mask or neck gaiter.It is well designed to perform many outdoor activities like skiing, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, climbing and even snow removing. It’s made as a combination of 89% polyester and 11% spandex which gives the user a very stretchy and secure feel.The manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty for this windproof balaclava making it a highly reliable product for users.

 8.Balaclava CTR Howler Windproof Multi Tasker Pro

You can go out with full confidence wearing this Chaos -CTR Howler regardless of the tough weather conditions. It’s made of windshield and water resistant fleece offering 100% protection against elements. This windshield material is capable of keeping your face warm even in a coldest climate and very breathable too. This balaclava includes a multi-tasking hinge which enables it to be worn as either balaclava or a neck tube. There’s a lycra bond around the face which coversit from elements and the bottom area also offers full coverage while avoiding excessive gathering. It is an ideal product for many winter activities such as skiing, snow machining,snowboarding and hunting. Machine wash and line dry is recommended for this excellent face mask.

 7. Fleece Adjustable Balaclava Winter Face Mask

Your choice thermal fleece balaclava is a perfect choice for staying out of cold during the whole winter. It’s crafted with polyester fleece which has given it a very lightweight and compact feel. This material also helps you to breathe well when wearing it and offers maximum protection for your face, nose and ears. This fabulous face mask features adjustable drawstrings or velco which enables you to adjust it to any size that fits you well. It comes in 58*13cm size and suitable for both men and women. Because of its dustproof and windproof qualities, you can also wear this balaclava for performing many outdoor activities such as running, cycling, motorcycling, and skiing. It is available in six beautiful patterns and comes with a yellow colourdacron bag making it easy to carry and store.

 6.Balaclava Face Mask Premium Ski Mask

This is a high quality balaclava which is specially made for winter outdoor activities. It offers an ultimate protection from wind and cold when performing any winter activity. This perfect balaclava has reached upmost standards in wicking, absorbency, wind protection and durability. It also offers you a more soft and natural fit than other regular balaclavas and highly breathable too. It’s super comfortable on head and allows anyone to easily fit on it. Another interesting factor about this balaclava is that the enhanced polyester fiber which it is made of draws off moisture from the skin.  Furthermore it’s free of allergies and doesn’t irritate your skin. This balaclava can be cleaned and dried using by washing marching which makes much easier to maintain it. It’s a unisex balaclava which comes in one size that fits all.

 5.Premium Multipurpose Balaclava Bundle

This is another highly recommended multipurpose balaclava which offers superior protection throughout the winter. It features a lengthy neck and extra-long front in order to offer maximum coverage. It has got an improved design with an advanced cut and several sewing angles to fit better on your head. This premium balaclava also comes with a versatile headband that is perfect for wearing at any winter event. Furthermore it shows wonderful performance for wicking, absorbency, abrasion resistant and durability. It can be worn by both men and women and available in one size which fits for everyone. There are also some other impressive features such as 4 way stretch, flatlock seams and light weight.

 4. Black Balaclava Ski Face Mask

This platinum black balaclava possesses an amazing quality in order to assure that your face, neck and ears stay warm even in a freezing cold environment. They are crafted using finest polyester and mesh available in the market and tend to be highly durable. It will offer you a comfortable feel on your face and consists of a sleek design which doesn’t block your sight. Therefore it is an ideal balaclava for wearing at any of your favorite winter activities or adventures. This balaclava doesn’t irritate your skin and stretches well for a snug. It can be worn in many styles such as scarf, hat, neck gaiter, half sky mask or face mask. Machine wash is recommended for this superb balaclava and it offers its buyers the advantage of lifetime money back guarantee.

 3.Warm Skin Black Schampa Balaclava

This is the warmest tight skin balaclava in the product line of Schampa. It has gained a significant 4.4 average rating as a proof of their great client satisfaction. It consists of some flat seams that eliminate irritating lines and pressure points left by conventional thickly sewn seams. There are no seams of the area from mouth to neck and this awesome balaclava looks handy both alone and when worn with a helmet. Its warmskin fabric makes this balaclava highly breathable and wickable. It comes in a one size that fits most users and offers a great tight fit and feel.

 2. Multi-Tasker Pro Balaclava Micro Fleece

You can stay warm throughout the winter with this marvelous multi-functional balaclava. It is built as a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and comes with a hinge that enables to move it up and down conveniently. It can be used in different ways: as a balaclava, balaclava with mask or neck gaiter. This multifunctional balaclava features a lycra binding that seals out your face from elements. Its shaped bottom offers maximum coverage and stops excessive gathering. It is a perfect balaclava to be worn for many cold winter activities such as snowboarding,skiing, hunting and snow machining. It has been rated with an average 4.4 stars out of five by its users.

 1.Ergodyne ind-proof Hinged Black Balaclava

This awesome Ergodyne wind-proof balaclava can surely fight off the cold weather very easily. It has become the most popular product among all the other balaclavas. It features a stretchable and windproof fleece covering your neck and nose for the best protection against cold and wind. It is made with an advanced hinged design and including wind protection fabric at most vulnerable areas.  It’s 3 panel creation and flat lock stitching helps to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the whole day. Furthermore its reflective accents allowkeeping workers secure and seen.

There are some days during the winter even a heavy winter coat doesn’t work. Harsh winds and the bitter cold can freeze your face no matter what kind of coat you are wearing. Therefore you need to seek the help of a good balaclava face mask in order to protect your face and save your looks.