A measuring wheel is a measurement tool that helps to measure distances. This is often called as a surveyor’s tool. It is an essential tool with improved features. With a measurement wheel, measuring long distances is very easy and saves time. Users generally walk with the surveyor’s wheel while measuring distances with the wheel. It is an effective tool for constructional purposes. Measuring wheel comes with improved features to provide accurate measurements on different surfaces. There are different types of measuring wheel used for different purposes. This concept of measurements dates back from the 17th century with the odometer evolution. Since then, it has improved itself to make it easier and suitable for every work condition. There are so many products in the market with different features and people often get confused what to buy and what suits best for individual tasks. One needs to consider what the types of tasks to be performed with the wheels and the budget they can afford.

Here are some of the best measuring wheels that are selected based on their durability, quality, and improved features.

Product reviews

7.TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel


  • Measurement dial is large enough to read them easily
  • Easy transportation due to collapsible feature
  • Measurement shows both in feet and inch
  • Designed to provide a comfortable grip to the users.


  • Not very helpful for commercial uses.

Summary:  A perfect measurement wheel to give you accurate measurements in different situations. Measuring layout and other constructional work become easy by this wheel. Comfortable grip lets you handle the wheel easily and collapsible grip allows transportation of the wheel to different places according to users demand. Industrial uses may not be very effortless, but basic users can be benefited by this wheel.

List of features:

  • Measurement limit: Up to 9,999 feet, suitable for the different working condition.
  • Handle:  2 feet and 9 inches in length that can be collapsed to 1 foot and 4 inches.
  • Wheel: One foot in diameter.
  • Design: Ergonomic grip, smooth wheels, and heavy duty quality
  • Other features: An easily maintainable reset button, kickstand, and carrying bag.

6.Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel


  • Accurate measurement facility
  • Collapsible handle for easy grip
  • Trigger handle allows longtime use.
  • Designed for precise measurement by instant break of the index handle.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty and a carrying bag.


  • With increased usage, the handle that is made of rubber may deteriorate.

Summary: This is a highly recommended measuring tool for all the purposes. Functional kickstands, transporting collapsible wheel and a wide diameter range of wheel– all are designed to allow heavy uses. It can be used for a long time with accurate measurement. Great to have a carrying bag as well!

List of features:

  • Measurement limit: Up to 9,999 feet, 99.7% accuracy (+/- 1″ in 30′) with 11 inches.
  • Accuracy and warranty: Accurate and Reliable – comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Wheel: Heavy duty 12.5-inch diameter wheel
  • Handle: Compact size (from 38″ to 19″) collapsible handle.
  • Other features: Free Carrying Pack, Handbrake on the pistol grip, sealed, gear-driven transmission, handy kickstand, easy reading center-mounted counter.

5.Komelon MK4512 Meter-Man 14-Inch Measuring Wheel


  • Comfortable for any outdoor uses.
  • Easy to assemble while working.
  • Well-controlled grip
  • Easy to reset.


  • Handle is not sturdy enough
  • Counter get stopped.

Summary: It can be useful for all the outdoor uses. Measurement shows both in feet and inches. It features a composite tread to provide improved traction. Adjustable twist and lock handle lets you comfortably handle the wheel. However, the counter has been reported to get stopped while working. It may need to reset again to take measurements again. Overall, it is an affordable wheel with some limitations.

List of features:

  • Wheel: 14.3″ diameter
  • Handle: Comfortable pistol grip handle,
  • Design: Gear-driven, 5-digit counter,
  • Other features: polyvinyl tread for improved traction, adjustable twist and lock handle.

4.Rolatape RT312 12-inch Measuring Wheel


  • Accurate measurement is allowed by Aluminum spoke
  • Lightweight and comfortable to handle
  • Designed to use in both construction purposes and light use
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The counter gets stopped after heavy use
  • Counter needs to be set repeatedly

Summary: It allows measuring accurately with Aluminum measuring wheel providing a comfortable grip with extension arms. However, some users have reported a flaw in the counter measurement after heavy uses. Designs are poorly built with the telescope aluminum rod with cam type locking levers. With an affordable budget, it can be useful if you are looking for a comfortable wheel with lighter uses.

List of Features:

  • Wheel: Aluminum Measuring Wheel – light with molded tire over aluminum spoke
  • Grip: It features a pistol Grip
  • Handle: Comes with lightweight Aluminum Handle and collapsible.
  • Other features: Heavy-Duty construction for durability and long life, and also include Kick Stand.

3.Kenson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel


  • Long lasting use of the improved plastic wheel
  • Easy for back measurements as it subtracts when rolling in reverse
  • Improved design for long time perfection.
  • Handle provide comfortable use for all types of uses.


  • Counter needs to be reset often.

Summary: Due to its versatile uses, it is useful for different purposes like measurement of the layout of the fence or construction uses. Measurement is effortless and accurate with the pistol grip that comes in assistance with a telescoping handle that helps the users for height measurement as well. This is a completely improved measuring wheel, but not for very long time use. Overall, a heavy-duty measuring wheel and provide useful services.

List of features:

  • Wheel: Heavy-duty, 3-foot, precision-molded plastic wheel
  • Counter: Five-digit easy-read magnified counter (9,999 feet) subtracts in reverse
  • Measurement limit: Measures almost two miles without resetting
  • Design:  Time proved comfortable design.
  • Handle: Curved, telescoping handle adjusts to comfort level

2.AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel With Large Digital LCD Display


  • Allows easy calculation of the measurements
  • Provide mixed measurements in units of feet, inches, 100ths and centimeters
  • It provides versatile uses for multiple applications.
  • Easily portable and comfortable for users to handle


  • Handle does not lock itself firmly
  • Battery replacement becomes tough as you need to hold the unit upside down to remove screws.

Summary: A high-quality product that allows mixed measurements for one project. It is a useful product for versatile use with comfortable handling. Long battery life with an LED screen that makes it easier to read measurements easily. Memory status lets users recall five measurements. This is an overall good measuring tool with some technical complexities that can be overlooked for a reasonable budget.

List of features:

  • Measurement limit: Up to 9, 99, 9 feet/meter range of measurement.
  • Wheel: Water and Dust Proof, 12-inch diameter wheel, 3-foot circumference wheel, plastic molded wheel, can be Collapsed to 27 inches, Extendable to 44 inches, Boxed Compact Executive Wheel (Inches and Feet)
  • Handle: Telescoping Handle, Electronic LCD screen with backlight, 5 memory slots
  • Other features: 2 AAA long-life batteries, 1 year limited warranty

1.Boxed Compact Executive Wheel


  • Allows multiple surfaces to ensure completion of the projects with different purposes.
  • Light-weight to enable comfortable handling.
  • Small and compact design to ensure comfortable uses.
  • Easy to carry to different places.


  • Fragile telescopic mechanism
  • Pressing too hard may result in breaking down of the wheel.

Summary: Great tool for measuring in a wide range of surfaces. Easy to use and read the measurements. It is small enough to carry and transport from one place to another. It features a telescoping mechanism to enable measurement in large and non-linear surfaces as well. A nice little measurement tool that comes at a very cheap price

List of features:

  • Multiple uses: Fit for curved, vertical, and horizontal surfaces.
  • Weight: light-weight. It Weighs only 1.2 pounds
  • Handle: Comes with telescoping handle for easy measurement in customizable height.

Basic Knowledge About Measuring Wheels

What it is used for:

It is used for measuring long distances within a short time. It can also be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Measuring estimating paving jobs,
  • Building lot sizes,
  • Carpet estimates,
  • Grass seed and fertilizer calculations,
  • Insurance calculations,
  • Fence estimating,
  • Utility contracting, and
  • Other uses, when a large distance measurement is needed quickly.

Here are some of the reasons why people use the measurement wheel:

  • It is used for accurate measurements of distances.
  • It makes it easy to keep track of the surfaces that may influence the measurement.
  • It is a fast measurement technique to the most inaccessible places where using surveyor’s tape is almost impossible.
  • Corrections can be done easily for any measurement error.
  • Within a very short time, improved measuring wheels can be used for heavy constructional uses.

Types of measurement wheel:

First, there are three different sizes measuring Wheels that are used according to different distance. One can choose from the following three sizes of the wheel.

According to size

  • A small wheel:  It is used for indoor measurement.
  • A medium wheel: This type of wheel is useful for both indoor and outdoor, or
  • A large wheel: This one can be useful for outdoor only.

Generally, when the terrain is tough, you need a larger measuring wheel. When the terrain is smooth and dirt free, a smaller measuring wheel will be suitable. There are also different uses based on the counters of the measuring wheels and the units of measurements. There are two types of measuring wheels depending on the counters and measurement units. One can choose from the following.

According to counter and measurement unit

  • Mechanical counter
  • Electronic counter
  • Mechanical Wheel Counter:

Mechanical counters are very useful for people who do not want to depend on batteries. This also works best if you want to use single units of measurement for your project. You can choose your own unit of measurement and avoid difficulties that come along with the changes of batteries as well.


  • This counter is simple to operate with no functional complexities
  • There’s no need to depend on the batteries to operate.


  • It cannot handle multiple measuring units, offers only single unit measurement.

Electronic Wheel Counters:

Electronic counters are getting popular among the contractors nowadays because of its versatility. It features multiple measuring units in one model that ensure mixed measurements for one project. It allows measurements in feet and inches, centimeters and tenths and much more. The only problem comes along with the electronic counter is that they are operated through batteries.


  • It offers multiple measuring units in one wheel.
  • One can use mixed measurements for a single project


  • It needs batteries to operate.
  • Works get stopped when the batteries die and cause a disturbance in project continuity.

Things to consider when buying a measurement wheel

Types of tasks: It is important to know what kinds of tasks need to be completed by this measurement wheel. Users use this measuring wheel for different purposes. Mostly there are two types of uses for measurement wheel.

  • Indoor &  Outdoor.

There are some different features designed for different types of uses.

  • A possible dual wheel model of measurement wheel is suggested for basic indoor uses that are lighter tasks.
  • A 10 inch or 12 inch model of measurement wheel is considered perfect for outdoor heavy tasks.
  • The wheel diameter (this is a distance of the wheel from one side to another side and must cross the center of the wheel.) must be selected carefully to ensure proper use.

Wheel: This is the second most important thing when you are choosing a measuring wheel for your own purpose. If the wheel size doesn’t match to the task you are intended to complete, all the efforts will be useless and users will face problems. There are different sizes of wheel diameter that are mentioned in the ‘types of tasks’ section. One needs to measure the whole diameter of the size because some of the wheels become collapsed during uses.

Handle: People use this measuring wheel by pushing or pulling the wheel by the handle. So, it is very important to select measuring wheel with comfortable handles that will allow users to complete the measurements with ease. Some of the measurement-wheels come with a collapsible handle that offers to fold to some extent to adjust the handles to the desired comfort level. Collapsible handles also allow the users to carry it to different places. Comfortable handles make the work easier and faster.

Measurement Units: There are different units of measurement that are used and chosen by the users such as feet and inches, tenths or meters and decimeters. It solely depends on the user to decide what unit of measurements needs to be measured. Most of the electronic wheel comes with improved features that allow measuring multiple units in one measuring wheel. However, while buying a mechanical wheel; one needs to choose the one that provides desirable units of measurement. The measurement units can be set before starting to measure distances. You are suggested to buy an electronic wheel if you want to avoid the functional complexities and can adjust the change with batteries.

Warranty and limit of functionality: Some of the wheels come with the warranty of one year or more. Some have a lifetime warranty of use. However, if the user is careful enough with the wheels, measuring wheel can support the user as the wheels are strongly built for a long time use.

Other features: Some of the measuring wheels come with carrying case and other improved features like a kickstand varying with the expense.

  • Carrying cases are designed to protect the wheel from dust and heat. Using a measuring wheel with carrying case or buying an optional one is recommended to keep the wheel usable for a long time.
  • Kickstand allows the wheel to stop immediately, according to the users demand.

How to use it

Before starting your measurements make sure the surfaces are free from any obstacles. Plain surfaces ensure correct error-free measurements. The surface where the wheel rotates should be dirt free, even loose impediments affect the overall measurement. Adjusting the handle is also important to set it to comfort level.

Now the measurement wheel should be placed in the starting point. The starting and ending point should be precise to get the accurate results as the wheel rotates proportionally to the length. Pushing the reset button will set the counter to zero so you can start calculating.

Keeping a steady speed while moving with the wheel is equally important because the wheel rotation will be affected by the changing pace.

As soon as you reach the ending point, immediately pick the wheel up to avoid any further rotation and minimize calculation error of measurements.

How to calculate the distance by using the measurements:

For every 360 degrees revolution, a definite range of distance is traveled with every spin of the wheel. It also depends on the diameter of the wheel. Large wheel travels a greater distance at a time. To calculate the number of revolution, you need to scale the circular perimeter to measure the desired distance. When the rotation is finished, then you need to attach the radius or diameter of the wheel with the length that you measured if the start or end point is directed towards the corner. Determination of final measurement is done by using basic kinematics rotation.