It wasn’t until the later part of the 15th century that mechanical printing actually came into being and from thereon it started its illustrious journey and culminated with the creation of ink jet printers and laser printers. Both are the latest iterations of the printing technology developed over centuries and have become openly available for the general public. Both have tasted huge success in the printing and publishing market but today we’ll be discussing the ink jet printers and more specifically their cartridges. We all might have gone through stages when our trusted printers have run out of ink and we had to frantically look for a replacement cartridge or rush out to buy one. Here we discuss the various nitty-gritty of cartridges and things to consider while buying one.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Ink Cartridges

Ink jet printers use ink cartridges which are common knowledge and also people are aware that inkjet printers are mainly used to print images as the colors and vibrancy offered by inkjet far outweigh those offered by laserjet. So a normal inkjet printer might need a number of cartridges or refills to keep on going printing pictures and images.

  • Make sure the ink cartridge is compatible with printer-There are various types of ink cartridges available in the market. Ones produced by the manufacturer of the printer themselves, third party manufacturers and refilled or reusable ones. The first kind is always the most preferred as they are delivered by the printer manufacturer themselves and comes with a guarantee on compatibility with the printer. The second one could be cheaper but compatibility comes into question and the third one also comes cheap but the quality is not top notch.
  • Take care that the print head is able to read from either device- The print head is a small chip which is either embedded in the cartridge or the printer itself and plays an important role in reading from either device and print the requested pages. Any incompatibility might damage any or both of the devices so we need to keep an eye out for it too.
  • Different types of cartridges come with the different amount of yield- Different cartridges have different capacities to print pages. Normally this yield is computed along with the price of printing one page. So higher the number of pages one cartridge can print lower the cost per page. This measure is quite important while purchasing and maintaining an inkjet printer as higher yield cartridges are rather costly and might offset the total cost of maintenance towards higher side. So you need to be aware as to how many pages a cartridge manufacturer claims can be printed with a single cartridge and accordingly plan your budget.

Let us go ahead and look at the top 8 ink cartridges-

8.HP 564 Original Cartridge, Black Ink

HP’s Original Cartridge with Black Ink is one of the several offerings from HP. The approximate yield of this cartridge is about 250 pages and is really great if you need to print out a lot of pages with exotic images, photos, and other everyday needs. The prints generated by this cartridge are resistant to any smudge or water or fading and you can keep the printouts for a long time. It is quite compatible with a wide variety of HP printers due to the compatibility of its print head with various printers and hence compatibility issues seldom occur. As it is original ink manufactured by HP themselves this cartridge guarantees that the quality of the pages printed with the ink come with the highest quality and display the features discussed earlier. Also, this cartridge can be easily recycled with HP’s Planet Partner initiative so that you get an eco-friendly alternative to several commercial cartridges. So if you are in need of a cartridge which can survive rugged use and a large number of printed materials this one is definitely for you.

7.HP 60 Black Cartridge, Original Ink

Like its predecessor HP 60 is also original ink manufactured by HP and is compatible with other versions of HP printers and is great for printing beautiful pictures and images and text printed by this ink is comparable to those found with laserjet printers. And like any other HP cartridge the printouts created by this ink are fade-resistant and don’t easily corrode over time. Also, it uses a special ColorLok symbol to deliver enhanced quality of printed images. The estimated yield of this cartridge is 200 pages which are slightly lower than the previous one but still manages to do a good job of taking print outs. And one other feature which makes it quite useful is you can monitor the levels of ink in the cartridge and if you are running low on some specific ink it can be adjusted to finish the given work with proper colors. As it is original ink it is guaranteed that it will deliver a number of pages as estimated and is user-friendly and comes at a lower price point than other cartridges. With HP’s Planet Partner initiative the cartridges can be easily recycled and reused with minimum damage to the environment.

6.Epson T126120-BCS Combo Pack Ink Cartridge with DuraBrite

Epson has brought us this great combo pack with black and other colors to print fantastic pages. These cartridges use innovative technology to give shape to all those beautiful images on paper and are even better than lab generated photos. This alone speaks a lot about Epson cartridges. It uses a technology called SmartValve which ensures that there is an even flow of ink and generate outstanding printouts and its Intelligent technology helps you to finish critical jobs by informing you of current ink status and finalizing the pages to be printed before the cartridge runs dry. Also, the cartridges manufactured by Epson comply with different international standards and ensure that the prints are fade resistant and are not covered with smudges and are reliable under different scenarios. These cartridges are packed with high capacity so that you don’t run out of ink while taking a huge number of printouts and the colors on these pages are very exotic. So if you are looking for a cartridge which can withstand a lot of rough usages and abuse and deliver quality output you can always go for this combo pack as it gives you aa combination of both black and other colors and lets you print lab quality printouts or even better.

5.Blake Ink Cartridges, 20 Pack

As we had discussed earlier there are several third party manufacturers who manufacture good or even better ink cartridges for inkjet and photo printers but sometimes compatibility issues creep up. The combo pack of 20 cartridges offered by Blake is one such 3rd party manufacturer which not only offers a huge variety and number of colors but also come up with any compatibility issues, especially if you happen to own a Canon printer. In many setups, the color quality of these cartridges and proprietary cartridges have been compared and it has been observed that the quality of the printouts can in any way be differentiated from one another. The huge number of cartridges available in this pack will help you to get the maximum yield of pages you can get before they run out which makes it a better alternative to the combo packs offered by the proprietary printers. These cartridges come with a year guarantee and comply with the different ISO standards. So by now you might get an idea how reliable these cartridges can be in the long run and if you are looking for any third party cartridge to use in your printer you can easily go for this one.

4.Epson T127120-D2 Ultra Black Ink Cartridge with DuraBrite

Epson has brought another product which has rivaled many other cartridges in the market and these cartridges come with extra high-capacity so that the number of pages you can print with this cartridge is far greater than any other commercial cartridges available in the market. Not only this it is compliant with various international standards so that the pages which are printed with this ink are resistant to any fading or smudge and water hasn’t got any effect on it. It is also quite effective for printing on glossy paper and delivers high-quality images on it as well as on plain paper. Its SmartValve and Intelligent technology work here to control the flow of ink in this cartridge and inform you about the level of ink left in the cartridge for use respectively. Its Durabrite feature is an assurance for the color quality you will get with this cartridge and you wouldn’t be disappointed with it. So now we have Epson’s two cartridges here for you to consider. You can choose any one depending on your needs and what suits you the best.

3.Blake Ink Cartridges, 10 Pack

Blake has brought another multiple packs for us to compare with other cartridges which are on this list. As we are already aware that Blake manufactures aftermarket cartridges and the quality of many of these cartridges are suspect but these cartridges have surprised us now and again. Like its other kin this pack and its contents are compliant to several ISO standards and are compatible with a wide variety of printers, especially the ones from Canon. And these haven’t disappointed us at all. The package has different colorspacked in it like small and big black and cyan along with magenta and yellow. So you have a large arsenal of colors and endless possible combinations of colors you can generate from them so that the photos and images you print with these cartridges will be vibrant with beautiful colors and will not be covered with smudges or fade away quickly nor water can corrode the colors. So you definitely have a great choice if you are looking for a combination of ink cartridges at a lower price but without compromising on the print quality. And rest assured the quality of these cartridges can rival that of proprietary ones as well.

2.Blake Ink Cartridges compatible with Canon, 20 Pack

Blake has many multi-packs of ink cartridges available for us and today we bring you yet another multi-pack of 20 cartridges with different color cartridges available for creating an endless number of color combinations. Like its other kin, it complies with various ISO standards and is quite reliable for delivering ultra-quality photos with fantastic color contrast and brightness and match even with proprietary Canon ink cartridges. Many setups have reported that these cartridges last longer than the proprietary ones and can easily withstand rough usage and extensive use for printing daily sheets of paper and various photos and images. There is no compatibility issue at all with the Canon printers and it accepts these as easily as the original ones. So if you are thinking that the original ink cartridges which came with your printer are not up to the mark and you need some other non- proprietary cartridges to stand up to the test and not come with any compatibility issues these are definitely the choice for you.

1.HP 61 Original Cartridges, Black and Tri-Color Ink

So coming at our top spot is the HP 61 Ink cartridges which like its other brethren delivers high-quality pictures without compromising on the quality of the print. This combo pack has Black and a Tri-Color combination which delivers different combinations of colors to effectively print exotic photos as well as printing for everyday use which easily compare with laser-printed text. The estimated yield for each of these cartridges varies about 190 for black ink and about 165 for tricolor. The ColorLok symbol aids us in getting enhanced quality images on different papers and is resistant to any smudges or fading and is water-resistant as well. The color quality has been tested to be durable and will remain as it is for years. Also, its other features include indicators to help you monitor the level of ink left in the cartridges and is compatible with a wide variety of printers.