Ice auger is a drilling component used to drill holes through ice, generally used for ice fishing by fishermen or anglers during winters. They are recognized to drill clean and defined holes piercing efficiently through ice. They come in different shapes, sizes and features; the user needs to choose as per their requirements. Main three types of augers are manual, electric and gas driven. The physical strength, thickness of ice, nature of fishing and budget of the user are the factors that help you select the type of auger you will need. The construction of the auger has a threaded helical shaft that drills through ice as imposed with pressure (manual or power sources) and the excess ice builds up resulting in clean and precise holes.

Top 9 Ice Augers Review

9. Eskimo propane impelled Ice Auger

This ice auger by Eskimo has an 8”diameter and measures 42” in length. It is powered by high compression 40cc four cycle engine with a 1lb. of propane cylinder which is held by quick release bottle holder. This ice auger features an auto-prime fuel system; meaning before starting the engine you do not need to prime it, just turn the switch on and start drilling hassle-free. The main advantage of the 4 cycle propane driven augers is that they require very less maintenance and operate with clean burning. But also these augers are heavy to handle and light weighted ones have less power comparatively. Fortunately, that is not the case here, Eskimo ice auger is light weight as well as powerful enough. Its engine is designed on HC40 to completely utilize the high octane level of propane further offering high compression ratio from such smallequipment that can effortlessly drill 8” or 10” diameter hole. The dimensions of the product is 41.8” x 17” x 11.8” and the packaging includes blade protector as well.

8.Strikemaster Hand Ice Auger for fishing

Strikemaster introduces this hand ice auger which is perfect for fishing in the ice. It consists of high alloy carbon steel blades that are sharp enough to drill 6” or 7” or 8” diameter hole easily; you can choose the size of the bit as per your convenience. The equipment is painted with powder coating to prevent the building up of ice while drilling to make the process mess-free. It has rubber material provided to the Hand grip that rotates the shaft to offer smoothness and firm grip control to the user and the handle system is ergonomically designed for easy operation of drilling. The handle can be adjusted from 48” to 57”. This product comes with blade protector for durability.

 7. XtremepowerUS Hole Digging auger

The XtremepowerUS offers this powerful and easy-to-use hole digging auger that is driven by 55cc 2 stroke engine that has V-type design and is air-cooled with the output power rate of 1090W.The auger is provided with an additional drill bit for drilling through ice ideally made for ice fishing; other than that different drill bits included here can also dig holes in stiff soils too to set up fence posts, decks or even plant trees and bushes. It has the capability to dig up to 3 ft. deep hole when installed with drill bit. It is very lightly weighted and has easy to handle operation; work can be done by one user fluently. The dimension of the auger is 22.3” x 15.8” x 14.5”. It is also provided with a throttle switch for controlling speed of the bit.

6.Eskimo Propane driven Ice Auger

This ice auger model from Eskimo features a high compression 40cc 4-cycle engine making it powerful and efficient for ice drilling. The length of the auger is 42 inches and diameter of 10 inches. It has a quick release bottle holder that secures the 1lb. propane cylinder in place. Also, it has an auto-prime fuel structure that does not need priming every time before drilling; user can switch on the auger and start the drilling operation. These types of auger are known to be clean burning and have less maintenance.Even if this is a propane driven auger, it is still lightly weighted and powerful all in one. It is not just a gas engine; it is exclusively designed on HC40 to take complete benefit of high octane rating of propane fuel with a high compression ratio. It will utterly facilitate the user with comfort and fast operation. The dimension of the product is 42.5” x 20” x 11.8” and it comes with the blade protector for long term run.

5. Eskimo StingRayauger for ice

Another model from Eskimo named StingRay made for drilling through ice has 8 inch diameter and 42 inch length of auger. It is reasonably priced, not too expensive; has rock hard and reliable design with sharp quantum blades which can easily cut through ice. It is powered by 33cc 2-cycle Viper Engine that has the capability to start even in cold days with the help of primer button for speedy response. The handle provided has foam cover and is made up of wide-wing tubular steel that absorbs the vibration. It also has a throttle to accurately control power and it can be easily accessed by fingertip. The mitten-grip recoil enables to start engine easily; you do not need to remove your gloves or mittens every time. The gas tank is see-through, so user can check the gas level. For protection from burning, it is provided with a muffler guard. The design is lightweight, powerful and has 49:1 gear ratio. The product has removable blades and comes with a blade protector.

4. Eskimo Ice Fishing Auger

This powerful Quantum 43cc ice auger from Eskimo has high performance 8000 rpm Viper engine powered into it. It is a two stroke engine that utilizes 50:1 gas to oil ratio. The auger has 42” length and easily drills though ice. The handlebar has foam cover for firm grip and is provided with a throttle control to regulate power; can be operated easily through fingertip. It has fuel primer button for speedy starting response even during cold weather. The gas tank is see-through; so that user can detect gas level easily. A muffler guard is provided to save the user from hot areas or get burned. The dual quantum blades can be easily replaced if needed and it comes with a blade protector for durability.  The dimension of the product is 42.5” x 20” x 11.5”.

3.Eskimo Hand operated ice Auger

This ice auger is meant to be operated manually and is capable of rapidly cutting through thick ice to create holesfor ice fishing. The auger length can be adjusted from 49” to 58” as per your convenience. The cutting diameter of this ice auger is about 6 inches. It has a cross-bolt takedown mechanism to preventthe auger from getting over-tightened while drilling and also for easy assemble/disassemble of auger. A handle and pommel knob is included to help the user with easiness in drilling operation with a firm grip. The steel blades can be easily replaced if needed; other sizes available here are 7” and 8” diameter of auger, you can choose as per your requirements. The standard blades have straight design to make them durable and tolerant with included blade protector.The product has dimension of 32.2” x 6.5” x 8.5” and comes with 1 year of warranty period.

2. Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger for ice drilling

This Lazer hand ice auger model from StrikeMaster is another powerful manual auger ideal for fast cutting through thick ice for ice fishing. The blades of this auger are made up of chrome-alloy stainless steel and come with a blade guard for long term use. The auger is painted with powder-coating to prevent ice buildup while carrying out drilling. The grip is covered with soft rubber to ease the user handling. The handle system is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the user while operating. This handle can be adjusted from 48’ to 57” to support different thicknesses of ice and angler heights.

1.ION Electric Ice Auger

This unique ION Max high performance electric ice auger is very lightly weighted with the weight of just 21 pounds making it perfect to carry anywhere. The design of the handlebar is widely-spaced and the trigger button included is largely sized; all this ergonomically designed to enable easy drilling operation. It showcases 21st century lithium ion technology, which is known to be the best innovative battery technology till date. Does not require gas, oil, burning and smokes; just charge the auger and you are good to go. The auger is built with steel having the capability of drilling about 8” diameter of holes. The sizes available in this auger are 34” or 46” in length with included extension of 12” for further suitability. This commanding and fast electric auger is known to drill 40 holes through 2 feet thick ice in a single charge; product has a battery charger included.  The 19150 model of this auger has exclusive feature of reverse, saving the user from cleaning the drilled hole, this auger does that work.