Who does not want to have a perfect figure? However, not all of us are born with such perfection but a new genre of garments can bring you much closer to that dream. Shapewear is a remarkable new range of undergarment that is specifically designed to enhance your natural curves and hides all that stubborn body fat. They give great results and make you more confident about your body. The best part is that it gives you control of your body. Bought a new dress but a few inches are causing trouble? Get a shapewear. They help you to fit in your favorite dress and make your body look more contoured.

Top 10 Shapewear for Your Body

10.Flexees Maidenform Singlet Shapewear for Women

This amazing Flexees Maidenform Singlet Shapewear for Women shapes your body right from your bra to your mid thigh. With this shapewear, you can put on your own favorite bra and complete your entire look. For increased comfort and leg movement, any kind of elastic gripping is avoided around the openings near the leg. It also shapes your waist and smoothes any line around your torso. The neckline of this singlet comes in a sling around your chest that allows you to wear your undergarment and beautifully enhances and lifts your breasts. This fabric is best when hand washed as machine washing can tamper a bit with your shapewear. It offers overall shaping of your body and focuses on those extra belly fats. The sling design also helps to smooth out any unwanted bulge that is formed by your bra. It is made up of 78% of nylon that provides ample firmness and eliminates any chances of discomfort.

9.Women’s Romper for shaping from Maidenform

This perfectly designed romper from Maidenform allows you to wear your chosen piece of bra from your closet. This is a part of dream shapewear collection from Flexees and provides ample comfort and control over your body. The main purpose of this collection is to offer enough support and an unparallel comfort. This romper is so light and adjusts so well to your body that it feels almost invisible. It is made up of a comfortable fabric that allows you to wear it throughout the day. 80% nylon content makes sure that your body gets utmost attention and trims out any bulge that is formed. For extra comfort and leg movement, no elastic bands are attached to your leg opening space. Since it is very light and soft, therefore hand washing is preferable to prolong the durability of the product. It has comparatively wider straps to avoid any slips and stays in its place.

8.High Waist Shapewear for Women from Maidenform Flexees for Better Control

Maidenform is a well-known brand and has a huge collection of shapewear and is well appreciated by their customers. They are increasing their shapewear collection that especially concentrates on tummy issues. This versatile high-waist shapewear slims your torso and enhances your curves. It reshapes your outline and covers any avoidable lines. It helps you to look slimmer right away by hiding that extra fat in your body and leaves you feeling more confident about how you look. It has complete cotton lining around your crotch area to make it more breathable and the body is made up of 70% nylon or Elastane (30%) that gives it a body hugging look and firmer control. It has elastic closures around your openings so that there are no chances of sliding or shifting around your body. It is best kept when hand washed as the fabric can get soiled by machine washing. It also offers fresh gusset around the clock.

7.Women amazing bodysuit from Maidenform Flexees Slimmer and Briefer

This perfect Women amazing bodysuit from Maidenform Flexees Slimmer and Briefer removes any chances of bulging in your back, enhances your posture and smoothens out your waist line to provide the perfect look that you look for. It has an unparallel firmness due to the superior quality of Flexees and the perfectly structured fabric hugs your body. This body briefer offers to contour throughout your body frame especially focusing on your back and mid section. A 100% nylon material gives you ultimate firmness and support and gives superior control. Extremely soft to touch, it has a 100 % cotton lining in the crotch area that improves its level of comfort. Uniquely outlined made up of Elastane have adjustable midriff. The best way to take care of this product is by hand washing it and nonchlorine bleach for occasional cleaning. However, do not iron it and let it dry naturally.

6.Hi-waist Shapewear for waist control from 90 degrees by reflex

This amazing Power flex Capri from 90 degrees by reflex is ready to wear and perfectly suits with other garments. This high waist Capri for belly shaping is one of the most beloved shapewear among the customers and had been a bestseller previously. The Capri is made in such sense that makes it look fit and it boosts your confidence by making your thighs and legs look slimmer and more in shape. If you have tummy problems you can keep it up till your waist or you can also down roll it for a cool low waist look. Absolutely stylish and comfortable, this Capri is a must buy. It comes in other colors such as Black, Dark Magenta, Grey, Jade, Neon Watermelon, brilliant Pop Orange, Dark Blue, Charcoal, Reflex Blue, Blackberry, Midnight Navy and the royal Cobalt Blue. With 87% nylon content, this shapewear sticks to your body while shaping it and provides it an ideal outline.

5.Maidenform Flexees Lightweight Women Thigh Shapewear

Another amazing offering from Maidenform Flexees that transforms your look almost magically by outlining your figure and making it appear more naturally curvy. The best feature of Maidenform Flexees Lightweight Women Thigh Shapewear is that it makes you feel the comfort while especially focusing on your area of concern. Most shapewear makes you sweat and feel like adding additional weight to your garment. This shapewear is made up of extremely smooth fabric that makes it feel light as a feather. Non-elastic leg openings give you more leg space and do not leave any elastic marks on your body. Slimmer fabric reduces any possible visibility of lining from outside and makes you look comparatively much slimmer. It mainly concentrates on your thighs, waist area, and your hips. Wear it around the clock without any idea of discomfort. With more than 1300 happy customers, this product has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

4.Steel boned Cincher for waist training Latex corset Underbust for women from Lover-Beauty

Steel boned Cincher for waist training Latex corset Underbust for women from Lover-Beauty has spiraled steel made bones of 9 pieces that will amplify the firmness and helps you to maintain your body in the best possible way without messing your posture in comparison to the corset having 4 pieces of steel bones. As bendable and flexible like plastic made bones, they spring back to their original posture quite quickly. Not only this, the classic feature of 3 columns of closures helps you to modify the size of the corset as required. The material is complete latex that gives it a classy and elegant look and is a very good instrument for waist training. Have a comparatively longer upper body? This product is useful for people who have longer upper region since it reduces it by almost 4 to 5 inches around the waist and makes it look slimmer. Select the best size and train your body.

3.Women’s Legging Shapewear from Maidenform Flexees

Highly comfortable legging from Maidenform helps you to smooth out all of your avoidable bulges and any additional bumps that you face. This ultra soft fabric works as a double agent by toning your legs and contouring your body right from your waist till your legs. The micro-fabric of the legging is very easy to wear and gives you a feeling of comfort all day long. It also comes with an extra control for tummy shaping. You can ideally pair this pair of Flexees legging with your favorite tunic, shirts or any other short dress and look much slimmer. This is one of the best buys in this list and must be an absolute addition to your wardrobe. Women’s Legging Shapewear from Maidenform Flexees helps you to smooth out your concerned body areas and helps you get back in shape. Unlike other shapewear that make it too uncomfortable to wear around the clock, this legging shapes your legs, thighs, and waist while being completely user-friendly.

2.Women lace shapewear brief for your body from Bali

This perfect body brief shapewear from Bali is a classy collection and is uniquely designed to move along with you. This lace bodysuit is very comfortable and offers much more air to pass through in comparison to other bodysuits. It has nylon content of 72% or spandex content of 28% that aids in its improved control over your body. It has very soft lined cups that are seamless that adds a smoothing effect to your body without any lines showing and provides ample support. The Lycra content in the fabric delivers exceptional contouring and helps you to move around in comfort all day long. Alike other shapewear, the durability of this product can be increased when hand washed as the material is too soft and can get tarnished otherwise. Women lace shapewear brief for your body from Bali is one of the most purchased shapewear online with over 1400 happy customers and has received an overwhelming rating of 4.2 out of 5.

1.High Waist Shapewear Boyshort from Maidenform Flexees for Minimizing

High Waist Shapewear Boyshort from Maidenform Flexees for Minimizing is an amazing product for body contouring and shaping by focusing on your target areas. It comes with an inner lining of 100% cotton for your crotch area and the body is made up of 70% nylon or 30% Elastane to make sure than the nylon shapes your body and avoid any possible bulges. It gives you a seamless look and does not make it obvious that you are wearing a shapewear, unlike other shaping briefs. Breathable and airy fabric lets you wear it all day long and even at night. It has finely designed elastic closures to avoid any shifting or sliding of your brief. High waist offers ideal shaping of your hips, upper thigh region and waist by getting them in shape. The durability of your shapewear can be increased if hand washed due to the soft fabric. It offers increased control and also comes in three different shades to suit your requirements.

Simple Tips that will Help You Choose the Perfect Shapewear

A shapewear comes in a wide range of variety with a focus on different areas of your body such as hips, waist, thigh, chest and other upper and lower body parts. It helps you to enhance the look of your outer garment.

  • Your size is the Best – in an attempt to look slimmer, some women go for extra compact shapewear. The fact is, it will not make you look slimmer but can result into bulges and pain or discomfort. Try out a shapewear just for trial before buying one as it would give you an idea of your requirement.
  • Right shapewear for right figure – choose the shapewear that offers you the look you want. To smooth out the lines and to focus on your area of concern, wear shapewear with average construction. For a complete figure revamp, go for comparatively stronger ones. If you could not conclude which one is stronger, the more amount of nylon it has, firmer it will be.
  • Tame your Torso – high waist shapewear regulates the shape of your body and smoothes the lines of your upper body. They guarantee perfect results and enhance your curves around your waist and chest area. Shapewear that can fasten to your bra adds more safety to the undergarment. However, good sized shapewear does not slip away.
  • Slimmer Legs with Inbuilt Shapewear – Avoid tights if you are about to wear a shapewear since the friction caused by both the materials can cause one to shift causing discomfort. Sometimes the shapewear or your tights can even get visible from outside. Buy shapewear that enhances your thighs and tummy together.
  • Complete Bodysuit for Full Figure Enhancement – if you want to reshape and contour your entire figure, opt for bodysuit since it covers your entire body. Instead of buying different shapewear for different parts of your body, buy a bodysuit to outline your curves. However bodysuits have a flattening effect around the chest and if you do not want that, go for bodysuits that spare the chest area.

It could be a bit hectic to find the perfect shapewear if this is your first time. Therefore we present you a list of best ten shapewear that only enhances your body but are also very comfortable and highly appreciated by their users.